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Stand-alone SPARQL end-point- access remotely in javascript #56

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I could run the rdfstore-js as Stand-alone SPARQL end-point. The example in README file sends a SPARQL query using command line program curl:

curl -v -d "default-graph-uri=" --data-urlencode "query=select * { ?s ?p ?o } limit 3" -H "Accept: application/rdf+xml" http://localhost:8080/sparql

I need to access it remotely using javascript in a browser and not in command line program. The examples in README do not show how to access a remote SPARQL endpoint in javascript; they just show how to create local rdfstores and query them. Can anyone help me on this issue?


I have the same issue, I need an example: to send queries to an existing triple store on the Web to fetch results.


LOAD < ...>

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