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an experiment embedding V8 into Clojure

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Clojure wrapper for a SPARQL 1.1 parser written in Javascript, using an embedded V8 interpreter

= Dependencies

 - V8 Javascript engine, instructions to build and install can be found here:
 - A sample building command for OSX 64 bits generating a static lib is:

 v8-read-only  $ scons mode=release library=static snapshot=on arch=x64

= Building & running

 1) Build C++ dynamic lib

 sparql-clj-v8-integration$ export CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH=/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.6.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Headers/
 sparql-clj-v8-integration$ make

 2) Build Java JNI wrapper

 sparql-clj-v8-integration$ cd java
 sparql-clj-v8-integration/java$ javac sparqltest/
 sparql-clj-v8-integration/java$ jar cf SparqlParser.jar sparqltest/SparqlParser.class

 3) Set up Clojure project

 sparql-clj-v8-integration/java$ cd ../clj-sparql-test
 sparql-clj-v8-integration/clj-sparql-test$ lein deps
 sparql-clj-v8-integration/clj-sparql-test$ cp ../js/sparql_parser.js .
 sparql-clj-v8-integration/clj-sparql-test$ cp ../java/SparqlParser.jar ./lib/
 sparql-clj-v8-integration/clj-sparql-test$ cp ./libSparqlParserWrapper.dylib .

 4) Test the library from Slime

 sparql-clj-v8-integration/clj-sparql-test$ lein swank

  user> (use 'clj-sparql-test.core)
  user> (parse-sparql "SELECT * { ?s ?p ?o }")
  [{:token "prologue",
    :base "",
    :prefixes []}
   {:kind "select",
    :token "executableunit",
    :dataset [],
    :projection [{:token "variable", :kind "*"}],
    :pattern {:token "groupgraphpattern",
              :patterns [{:token "basicgraphpattern",
                          :triplesContext [{:subject {:token "var", :value "s"},
                                            :predicate {:token "var", :value "p"},
                                            :object {:token "var", :value "o"}}]}],
                          :filters []}}]
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