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#1. Name anapickle - Toolset for writing shellcode in Python's Pickle language and for manipulating pickles to inject shellcode. #2. Author Marco Slaviero < marco(at)sensepost(dot)com > #3. License, version & release date License : GPL
Version : v0.2
Release Date : 2011/08/05

#4. Description Anapickle performs two functions; it accepts, analyses and manipulates a supplied pickle or it can produce Pickle shellcode as a standalone generator using a templated library. As an analyser, it includes a simplified Pickle version 0 simulator that extracts a list of callables used by the pickle stream as well as determines the position and type of all useful entities (strings, unicodes and ints) without subjecting the pickle stream to a potentially dangerous loads() call (since loads() is the vulnerable method, we would be remiss in simply piping any unknown pickle through a local loads() call). As a shellcode generator it takes the name of a shellcode template and inserts user-supplied parameters such as filenames or shell commands. #5. Requirements Python 2.3 #6. Additional Resources Sour Pickles - Presentation (\_pickles)
Sour Picklel - Shellcoding in Python’s serialisation format (\_US\_11\_Slaviero\_Sour\_Pickles\_WP.pdf)

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