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LiME Creative Labs

Android app on Google Play

LiME is an Android App based on its homonymous blog. It was created to show live demos of tutorials created on the blog.

This App is basically a visual quick helper to detect tutorials you may be interested in and easily find its implementation. Main Activity contains a link to the blog and to this page. Each tutorial also has a link to its written version.

LiME Creative Labs blog is written in Spanish, but is easy to understand using a tool like Google Translate. If you don't like this option, source code is well documented an organized. A package has been created for each tutorial, so the code is isolated.

This App will be updated on every new tutorial added. What you can currently find:

  • Sliding Pane Layout: An example of SlidingPaneLayout implementation, another new layout from Support Library r13.

  • Drawer Layout: An example of Drawer Layout implementation, optimized to be used with ActionBarSherlock.

  • Action Bar Refresh: when the user clicks the Refresh Button, an indeterminate ProgressBar is shown until the operation is performed.

  • Test connectivity status live: A broadcast receiver intercepts connectivity changes and updates the UI.

  • Action Bar Search: A search action lets the user search for something by showing a textbox on Action Bar.

  • Multiple selection in ListView using ActionBarSherlock: Implementation of multiple selection using a SelectionAdapter.

Example Image

Building the project

It is recommended to use maven to compile this project. Download the project and import to your IDE as a maven project. You will need to add listviewanimations jar to you local maven repository. If you are on a Unix shell, just run the provided script.

If you want to use it as a regular Android project, go to the dependencies section and download those projects as libraries or jars to the build path.


Developed By

Antonio Leiva Gordillo -

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Copyright 2013 Antonio Leiva

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you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
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