Particle system in GPU with multitexture
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Particle system in GPU with multitexture

This Openframeworks addon allows to create a partice system managed entirely in the GPU It is forked from the work done by Neil Mendoza at

Example video:


  • Different parameters for each particle individually: size, color, texture, etc.
  • Velocity can affect the size / width / color of particles by parameter
  • It is possible to use multitexture for the particles, so, each particle can have its own texture
  • Possibility to restrict how long a particle can go from its starting point
  • The particles can be drawn as shapes coming from the starting point
  • The color of the particles can be set up by an static / dynamic image
  • Optical Flow (GPU). By using ofxMioFlowGLSL (

Coming soon:

  • Vector Field
  • Emitters


Developed with OF 0.8.4 and windows 7 64 bits. Exaple includes project for Visual Studio 2012