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This repository will have the gnuradio hack rf Linear transponder
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This repository will have the gnuradio hack rf Linear transponder and telemetry code.
The original concept was test with hackrf transmitter where after the new IQ transmiter board was made to relace hackrf.
The Gnuradio tansponder will run in a Ornage Pi with an transmitter board plug into Orange Pi.
The Receiver is an rtl dongle with a front end Saw filter on the same IQ modulator board
The Battery and Solar Voltage and TX power also get read from this IQ modulator board.

Project Status.

The software here is not yet compleet but do work independely.
Transponer work and telemetry work independely and need to be combiend in IQ signal.


  1. Gnuradio transponder.
  2. Telemetry CW and PSK1200 (1200 2200khz).
    Telemetry data Calsign:SolarV,BatteryV,TXPowerV,TransponderMode,UseCount,ComandEcho,Time.
    The telemetry was tested on Bacar Balloon


  1. IQ Modulator board for TX (500mW) (The IQ modulator board replace the hackrf board.) Board is not yet compleet (80%)
  2. RTL SDR Dongle for RX
  3. Orange PI zero


  1. Solar and Battery mangement and the battery.
  2. Permanent magnet Orieantation controle board.
  3. Space frame
  4. Antenna and ded_microswitch board.
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