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This repository will have all the details for the active antenna board for Rasdpberry PI
This project will have the Raspberry Pi HAT that will switch in the LOW and HIGH pass filters depending on IO-PIN4 on raspberry Pi.
What is still missing from this project is the actual active antenna.
RF Noise Block Diagram
Block Diagram
There is also a Isolation transformer on the board to eliminate the DC ground from the antenna and generating noise.
This antenna consists of a raspberry HAT for RF filter and power injection for the active Antenna.

Project Status

This Project is Now Compleet. (The PCB Board still needs to be build and Tested)

Live Monitoring system

More Documentation

More Dokuments click here
Diagram of Active antenna base filter.

PCB Layout

PCB Layout

PCB Layout 3D

Filter Low PASS
Filter 1

Filter High PASS
Filter 2