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Checks project's dependencies size AKA why npm install so long
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illustration of a person asking why npm install take so long?

Little utility to ease troubleshooting why installing npm dependencies takes too long.

What is "publish size" vs "install size"?

The "publish size" is the size of the source code published to npm. This number is easy to detect and should be pretty small.

The "install size" is the size your hard drive will report after running npm install. This includes the package, all of the dependencies, and its dependency's dependencies...and so on.

Use without installing

npx why-npm-i-so-long path/to/package.json


npm install --global why-npm-i-so-long


See install size of dependencies

why-npm-i-so-long path/to/package.json

See install size of devDependencies

why-npm-i-so-long path/to/package.json --dev


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