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antonmedv committed Apr 4, 2019
1 parent 2cf7199 commit 51837b48313a801ad55006a156dae6a33229e129
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@@ -24,11 +24,7 @@
"zip": "cd dist && find . -name 'fx-*' -exec zip '{}.zip' '{}' \\;",
"afterBump": "rm -rf ./dist && npm run build && npm run zip",
"release": "release-it --github.release --github.assets=dist/*.zip",
"brew:release": "brew bump-formula-pr --url=`fx package.json .version`.tgz --no-audit fx",
"docker:build": "docker build -t antonmedv/fx:latest .",
"docker:tag": "docker tag antonmedv/fx:latest antonmedv/fx:`fx package.json .version`",
"docker:push": "docker push antonmedv/fx:latest && docker push antonmedv/fx:`fx package.json .version`",
"docker:release": "npm run docker:build && npm run docker:tag && npm run docker:push"
"brew:release": "brew bump-formula-pr --url=`fx package.json .version`.tgz --no-audit fx"
"keywords": [

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