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@antonmedv antonmedv released this 11 Mar 21:03
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fx preview

YAML support

Now you can use fx to view and process YAML files!

fx example.yaml
# or 
cat example.yaml | fx --yaml

Fx will automatically convert YAML to JSON. The npm version of fx also supports YAML and provides YAML.parse and YAML.stringify functions.

npx fx example.yaml '.jobs.test.steps' YAML.stringify

Expand with 1-9 keys

Now you can use 1-9 keys to expand nested objects and arrays up to nth level.

Keybindings help

Type ? to see all available keybindings. Press ? again to close the help.

Preview mode

Type p to toggle preview mode. In preview mode, strings are unquoted and newlines are preserved.

fx preview

This is useful when you want to see content of a long string.

Print to stdout

Type P to print the currently selected value to stdout. This is useful when you want to pipe the output of fx to another command.

curl | fx > part.json

Docker image

Now you can use fx as a Docker image.

docker run -it --rm -v .:/data:ro antonmedv/fx file.json