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GPU database engine
Cuda C C++ Bison
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strings_type.h Bitmap index support & SSD storage support A few fixes Minor updates
zone_map.h License change

Welcome to Alenka - GPU database engine

How to build?

Download Alenka

Download ModernGpu library

Unzip ModernGPU into Alenka directory

Run Makefile or

What is this?

This is a GPU based database engine written to use vector based processing and high bandwidth of modern GPUs

Features :

  • Vector-based processing
    CUDA programming model allows a single operation to be applied to an entire set of data at once.

  • Smart compression
    Ultra fast compression and decompression on GPU. Database operations on compressed data.

  • Column-based storage
    Minimizes disk I/O by only accessing the relevant data.

  • Data skipping
    Better performance without indexes.

  • Fast Loading
    Gpu based CSV parser loads the data into database at very high speed.

How to use it ?

Create your data files :

Run scripts load_orders.sql, load_lineitem.sql and load_customer.sql to create your database files.

Run your queries from a command prompt or use Alenka JDBC driver from Technica Corporation

Step 1 - Filter data

OFI := FILTER orders BY o_orderdate < 19950315;

CF := FILTER customers BY c_mktsegment == "BUILDING";

LF := FILTER lineitem BY shipdate > 19950315;

Step 2 - Join data

OLC := SELECT o_orderkey AS o_orderkey, o_orderdate AS o_orderdate, o_shippriority AS o_shippriority, price AS price, discount AS discount FROM LF JOIN OFI ON orderkey = o_orderkey JOIN CF ON o_custkey = c_custkey;

Step 3 - Group data

F := SELECT o_orderkey AS o_orderkey1, o_orderdate AS orderdate1, o_shippriority AS priority, SUM(price*(1-discount)) AS sum_revenue, COUNT(o_orderkey) AS cnt
FROM OLC GROUP BY o_orderkey, o_orderdate, o_shippriority;

Step 4 - Order data

RES := ORDER F BY sum_revenue DESC, orderdate1 ASC;

Step 5 - Save the results

STORE RES INTO 'results.txt' USING ('|') LIMIT 10;

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