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Evil Rails

rails.vim for Emacs. Based on:

Supported commands

Ex Command Projectile-Rails Command Description
:Rmodel projectile-rails-find-model Find a model using projectile-completion-system.
:RCmodel projectile-rails-find-current-model Go to a model connected with the current resource.
:Rcontroller projectile-rails-find-controller Find a controller using projectile-completion-system.
:RCcontroller projectile-rails-find-current-controller Go to a controller connected with the current resource.
:Rview projectile-rails-find-view Find a template or partial using projectile-completion-system.
:RCview projectile-rails-find-current-view Go to a view connected with the current resource.
:Rhelper projectile-rails-find-helper Find a helper using projectile-completion-system.
:RChelper projectile-rails-find-current-helper Go to a helper connected with the current resource.
:Rlib projectile-rails-find-lib Find a lib using projectile-completion-system.
:Rfeature projectile-rails-find-feature Find a feature using projectile-completion-system.
:Rspec projectile-rails-find-spec Find a spec using projectile-completion-system.
:RCspec projectile-rails-find-current-spec Go to a spec connected with the current resource.
:Rtest projectile-rails-find-test Find a test using projectile-completion-system.
:RCtest projectile-rails-find-current-test Go to a test connected with the current resource.
:Rmigration projectile-rails-find-migration Find a migration using projectile-completion-system.
:RCmigration projectile-rails-find-current-migration Go to a migration connected with the current resource.
:Rfixture projectile-rails-find-fixture Find a fixture using projectile-completion-system.
:RCfixture projectile-rails-find-current-fixture Go to a fixture connected with the current resource.
:Rjavascript projectile-rails-find-javascript Find a javascript using projectile-completion-system.
:Rstylesheet projectile-rails-find-stylesheet Find a stylesheet using projectile-completion-system.
:Rlog projectile-rails-find-log Find a log file and enable auto-revert-tail-mode in its buffer.
:Rinitializer projectile-rails-find-initializer Find an initializer file using projectile-completions-system.
:Renv projectile-rails-find-environment Find an environment file using projectile-completions-system.
:Rlocale projectile-rails-find-locale Find a locale file using projectile-completions-system.
:Rmailer projectile-rails-find-mailer Find a mailer file using projectile-completions-system.
:Rlayout projectile-rails-find-layout Find a layout file using projectile-completions-system.
:Rconsole projectile-rails-console Run rails console command in inf-ruby buffer.
:Rserver projectile-rails-server Run rails server.
:Rrake projectile-rails-rake Select a rake task to run using projectile-completion-system.
:Rgenerate projectile-rails-generate Run rails generate command.
:Rextract projectile-rails-extract-region Extract the selected region to a partial.
:RGfile projectile-rails-goto-file-at-point Go to a file at point. Depending on the context that might be a constant, template or partial, or a gem.
:RGgemfile projectile-rails-goto-gemfile Go to Gemfile file.
:RGroutes projectile-rails-goto-routes Go to config/routes.rb file.
:RGschema projectile-rails-goto-schema Go to db/schema.rb file.
:RGspechelper projectile-rails-goto-spec-helper Go to spec/spec_helper.rb file.
Ex Command Projectile Command Description
:A projectile-toggle-between-implementation-and-test Find a model using projectile-completion-system.
:AV projectile-toggle-between-implementation-and-test Vertical-split variant of :A.
:AS projectile-toggle-between-implementation-and-test Horizontal-split variant of :A.


  • Auto completion for commands