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A plug-in for GIMP allowing automation by the use of Ruby scripts
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doc Updated
ext Fix wrong macro usage
gimp-lib Move ruby-fu menu to proper location
plug-ins Move speed plugin to proper menu
po Added entries for Oriya Translation.
ChangeLog Appended 'mr' to ALL_LINGUAS
INSTALL Updated the INSTALL file with Kevins suggestions.
MAINTAINERS Added Portuguese (pt) to ALL_LINGUAS. Fixed file format to pass pre-c… Added po directory to the SUBDIRS list.
README Initial revision
acinclude.m4 Fixes display of test results. Bump dependencies Add missing cs to ALL_LINGUAS
gimp-ruby.doap Added gimp-ruby.doap file requested by GNOME GIT source code repository.
notes.txt Initial revision
todo.txt Changed the name of Gimp::Image.undo_group to Gimp::Image.undo_group_…



This is a Ruby based scripting plug-in for the GNU Image Manipulation
Program. It was created by Scott Lembcke as one of the projects accepted
in the Google Summer of Code program for 2006. The project was mentored
by Kevin Cozens.
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