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  rbbr (RuBy BRowser) is an application to browse
  modules/classes hierarchy and their constants and methods. If
  the optionally modules to refer documents are installed, you
  can also refer the document of methods in the browser.


  * ruby 1.6.x, 1.8.x
  * Ruby/GTK2 0.7.0 or later
  * (optional) Ruby-GetText-Package 0.5.2 or later for L10n menus/labels.
               Also you need Racc-1.4.3 or later to install this package.
  * (optional) Ruby-GNOME2 API Documents in RD+.
  * (optional) ri 0.8a (or ruby-1.8.0 or later)
  * (optional) ReFe 0.7.1 or later (Japanese only)

1. Install Racc, Ruby-GetText-Package, ri and ReFe. (All of them are optional)
2. De-Compress ruby-gnome2-api.tar.gz and rbbr's archive(Optional)
   withapi package include this api files.
3. Puts ruby-gnome2-api/* to (rbbr's top directory)/data/rbbr/rd/*
4. Move rbbr's top directory and type:

    $ ruby install.rb config
    $ ruby install.rb setup
   ($ su)
    # ruby install.rb install

  You can also install files in your favor directory by
  supplying install.rb some options. Try "ruby install.rb --help".

Gets Ruby-GNOME2 API References
You can get the newest(nightly) archives from:

And you can overwrite them to old data which installed in 


  * Linux, *BSD, Cygwin
    Run the following command:
    $ rbbr

  * MS Windows(except Cygwin)
    (Double or Single)Click ruby-install-dir\bin\rbbr.rbw from Explorer.


  This program is free software.
  You can distribute/modify this program under
  the terms of the Ruby Distribute License. See COPYING.

  (Ruby-GNOME2 and later) Ruby-GNOME2 Project Team <>
  (Original Author)Hiroshi Igarashi <>
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