Use Vala from Ruby, Python, Lua, JavaScript (Node.js, gjs, seed) and many other languages
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Use Vala for your next library, %username%

Objects for free

Write your next library in Vala and get bindings for free!

Here is example how to use functions and objects from vala in your favorite language.

Why Vala?

  • Vala is very fast
  • Vala manages memory for you
  • Write in Vala, (re)use from any %lang%

Setup Vala


sudo apt-get install valac gobject-introspection libgirepository1.0-dev


sudo yum install vala gobject-introspection-devel


brew install vala gobject-introspection

Make shared library

Source file for shared library is object.vala.

Run in shell:


You should get and ValaObject-0.1.typelib and some other files. .so and .typelib are required for next examples.

If you want more details - read about GObject Introspection and it's architecture. Otherwise just skip to next step :)

Bindings HOWTO (really easy and automagical)