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Fake phone book records from movies metadata Mathematica code
Copyright (C) 2017 Anton Antonov
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.
Written by Anton Antonov,
antononcube @@@ gmail ... com,
Windermere, Florida, USA.
(* :Title: AddressBookByMovieRecords *)
(* :Context: Global` *)
(* :Author: Anton Antonov *)
(* :Date: 2017-03-26 *)
(* :Package Version: 1.0 *)
(* :Mathematica Version: *)
(* :Copyright: (c) 2017 Anton Antonov *)
(* :Keywords: *)
(* :Discussion:
It is a good idea to include the code with which this address book records was derived.
addressLines = {{"Bill Nighy", "Caribbean Pirates", "actor", "709-606-7259"},
{"Geoffrey Rush", "Caribbean Pirates", "actor", "797-199-7144"},
{"Jack Davenport", "Caribbean Pirates", "actor", "627-500-7919"},
{"Johnny Depp", "Caribbean Pirates", "actor", "264-658-5603"},
{"Keira Knightley", "Caribbean Pirates", "actor", "492-450-8455"},
{"Orlando Bloom", "Caribbean Pirates", "actor", "306-504-2824"},
{"Stellan Skarsg\[ARing]rd", "Caribbean Pirates", "actor", "768-947-8004"},
{"Gore Verbinski", "Caribbean Pirates", "director", "261-186-8075"},
{"Bruce Hendricks", "Caribbean Pirates", "producer", "193-488-6708"},
{"Chad Oman", "Caribbean Pirates", "producer", "154-609-2847"},
{"Eric McLeod", "Caribbean Pirates", "producer", "177-425-9150"},
{"Jerry Bruckheimer", "Caribbean Pirates", "producer", "794-128-7138"},
{"Mike Stenson", "Caribbean Pirates", "producer", "602-771-9386"},
{"Paul Deason", "Caribbean Pirates", "producer", "626-644-5930"},
{"Andy Serkis", "LOTR", "actor", "408-573-4472"},
{"Elijah Wood", "LOTR", "actor", "321-985-9291"},
{"Ian McKellen", "LOTR", "actor", "298-517-5842"},
{"Liv Tyler", "LOTR", "actor", "608-925-5727"},
{"Orlando Bloom", "LOTR", "actor", "570-406-4260"},
{"Sean Astin", "LOTR", "actor", "365-119-3172"},
{"Viggo Mortensen", "LOTR", "actor", "287-691-8138"},
{"Peter Jackson", "LOTR", "director", "484-807-9239"},
{"Barrie M. Osborne", "LOTR", "producer", "477-698-8956"},
{"Fran Walsh", "LOTR", "producer", "438-136-7149"},
{"Harvey Weinstein", "LOTR", "producer", "235-361-1101"},
{"Mark Ordesky", "LOTR", "producer", "282-961-3838"},
{"Michael Lynne", "LOTR", "producer", "541-362-9877"},
{"Peter Jackson", "LOTR", "producer", "484-807-9239"},
{"Robert Shaye", "LOTR", "producer", "292-252-6866"},
{"Tim Sanders", "LOTR", "producer", "791-486-8246"},
{"Anna Paquin", "X-Men", "actor", "832-505-3277"},
{"Famke Janssen", "X-Men", "actor", "563-508-9902"},
{"Halle Berry", "X-Men", "actor", "701-230-8879"},
{"Hugh Jackman", "X-Men", "actor", "940-463-2296"},
{"Ian McKellen", "X-Men", "actor", "900-527-2394"},
{"James McAvoy", "X-Men", "actor", "418-516-9453"},
{"Jennifer Lawrence", "X-Men", "actor", "992-883-2904"},
{"Michael Fassbender", "X-Men", "actor", "154-359-7691"},
{"Patrick Stewart", "X-Men", "actor", "521-101-3722"},
{"Peter Dinklage", "X-Men", "actor", "441-953-8321"},
{"Brett Ratner", "X-Men", "director", "418-713-2753"},
{"Bryan Singer", "X-Men", "director", "422-832-5218"},
{"Avi Arad", "X-Men", "producer", "538-494-2253"},
{"Bryan Singer", "X-Men", "producer", "422-832-5218"},
{"John Palermo", "X-Men", "producer", "816-344-9366"},
{"Lauren Shuler Donner", "X-Men", "producer", "944-706-9217"},
{"Matthew Vaughn", "X-Men", "producer", "875-877-1317"},
{"Ralph Winter", "X-Men", "producer", "652-415-1269"},
{"Richard Donner", "X-Men", "producer", "849-923-9946"},
{"Simon Kinberg", "X-Men", "producer", "781-187-2762"},
{"Stan Lee", "X-Men", "producer", "228-156-5037"}}