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Unity Tile Mesh Paint

A Unity Editor Tool which lets you paint 2D tiles on 3D meshes.

Download and Import the package here.

How to Set Up a Mesh for Painting

  • Add an Image with your Tiles to your Unity project

  • Set the Image to use a Texture Type of Sprite and a Sprite Mode of Multiple

  • Use the Sprite Editor to splice the image into individual tiles

  • Create a Material and set your Tiles image as the Texture

  • Create a Cube (or any other mesh you want to paint)

  • Drop the Material onto the Cube

  • Add a Mesh Collider to your Cube (you’ll need to remove any other preexisting colliders like the Box Collider first)

  • Open the Tile Mesh Paint Window
    Window > Tile Mesh Paint

  • Click on the Mesh to paint a tile


Example Tiles were created by Kicked in Teeth:

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