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This project has moved

##Please note that this version of the project is no longer being updated, as it was combined into a utility with support for more games and hardware. Please visit the Project Aurora page for the up-to-date version of this utility. Thank you.

Logitech - CSGO game integration

This project enables game interaction between Logitech RGB keyboards, such as Logitech G910 or Logitech G410, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive via Game Integration. Please keep in mind that this is still in development, there may be bugs and there will be new features added.


How to Install

  1. First of all, make sure that "Allow games to control illumination" is enabled in Logitech Gameing Software.
  2. Download the latest release from here.
  3. Extract the archive anywhere on your computer.
  4. Copy the "gamestate_integration_logitech.cfg" into "./steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/cfg/" folder
  5. Run "Logitech-CSGO.exe" (Run as admin if you have any issues.)

Run this program in the background at windows start

  1. Go to the Startup folder. (For Windows 10, press Windows Key + R and enter "shell:startup")
  2. Make a shortcut to the exe in that folder.
  3. Edit the shortcut by right clicking it, going into properties, and add " -silent" at the end of "Target". It should look something like this: "...\Logitech-CSGO\Logitech-CSGO.exe -silent". Then press apply, and next time your windows will automatically start the program.

Included effects

  • Team-based background color
  • Health indicator
  • Ammo indicator
  • Bomb animation
  • Flashbang effect
  • Static color keys
  • Typing color keys (For lighting up the keyboard when you are typing in chat or console)

Video demonstration

Demo 1


  • Q: Can this give me a VACation?

    A: No. This uses Valve's Game Integration for CSGO, which allows developers to read game information without accessing memory of the game.

  • Q: How do I add my own custom effects?

    A: At the moment, you cannot. But I do plan on allowing users to customize which keys are being lit per effect.

  • Q: Why are Logitech G910 and G410 only supported?

    A: Logitech G910 and G410 are the only keyboards from Logitech that allow for per-key RGB lighting effects.

  • Q: I have found a bug. How do I report it?

    A: You can report bugs here, by creating a new Issue here.

  • Q: I wish to expand this, fixing and adding my own features.

    A: Feel free to fork this repo and make pull requests with your own code. I am open for suggestions for both features and optimization. :)


A project that enables CS:GO to interact with Logitech G910 and G410 keyboards.






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