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Elastic examples

Usage examples examples. Implemented features:

  • Creating indexes/mappings.
  • Import data into Elastic
  • Basic search example
  • Fuzzy search example
  • Filters example
  • Facets examples(aggregations - distinct, min/max)
  • Search with synonyms
  • Dynamic update index settings(open/close index)
  • Search query highlight
  • Morphology/Stop Words examples(English, Russian)
  • Search suggest example
  • Ingest plugin examples - upload binary files(doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, txt) to elastic, search by content


1 . Clone repository

2 . Create configs

cp _config.php.dist _config.php
cp docker-compose.yml.dist docker-compose.yml

3 . Start elastic

docker-compose up

4 . Create indexes, import data to Elastic

php push_data.php


Postman collection is here: Examples scripts located in demo folder

Create Index

Create index/mapping demo

php demo/01_create_index.php

Push Data

Push posts/products data to elastic

php demo/02_push_data.php

Get all data

Get all posts

php demo/03_get_all.php

Get By ID

Get single post

php demo/04_get_by_id.php 1


Simple search by keyword

php demo/05_search.php "компиляторы"
php demo/05_search.php "правда"

Search + Fuzzy

Fuzzy search. Error "компидяторы" -> "компиляторы". Should find one record

php demo/06_search_fuzzy.php "компидяторы"
php demo/06_search_fuzzy.php "иффиктивный"
php demo/06_search_fuzzy.php "довно"


Apply filters: vendor = "Intel", cheaper then 400$, frequency between 3.2 and 3.6

php demo/07_filters.php


Get agregated data: min/max, distinct

php demo/08_aggregation.php


Search by synonyms: "легальный" -> "законный"

php demo/09_search_synonyms.php легальный
php demo/09_search_synonyms.php машина

Dynamic Index

Update synonyms without recreate index

php demo/10_dynamic_index.php

Search Highlight

Highlight search query with tags

php demo/11_search_highlight.php Sony
php demo/11_search_highlight.php смартфон
php demo/11_search_highlight.php Xperia

Search Suggest

Implement search suggests. Typing "маш", would show "Стековая машина ..."

php demo/12_search_suggest.php "Стековая маш"
php demo/12_search_suggest.php "моно"

Search Morphology + Stop Words

Morphology for russian/english. Searching by keyword "рейтинговый" should return record, that contains word "рейтингах" Searching by keyword "более" should return nothing, because it is stopword

php demo/13_search_morfology_stop_words.php рейтингами
php demo/13_search_morfology_stop_words.php автомобилями
php demo/13_search_morfology_stop_words.php версией

Ingest Push Data

Import binary documents to elastic. Supported formats: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, txt Maybe some other. Documents uploaded in base64 format.

php demo/14_ingest_push_data.php

Ingest Search

Search by uploaded binary documents

php demo/15_ingest_search.php "Европейский"
php demo/15_ingest_search.php "Биллом Гейтс"
php demo/15_ingest_search.php "РОГА И КОПЫТА"
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