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Pica Pica  Node and Pica Pica Messenger
(c) Copyright  2012 - 2019 Anton Sviridenko

Pica Pica Node serves Pica Pica distributed network. It authenticates users,
provides info about other existing nodes and online users, routes encrypted
connections between users. Pica Pica Node is written in C.

Pica Pica Messenger is a graphical IM client written in C++ which uses Qt toolkit.

Run ./configure && make install to build and install pica-node and pica-client.
If you've checked out source code from repository, then you need to run 

autoreconf --install

in order to create configure script and install other required files. Autoconf and automake 
should be installed on your system in this case.

	1) pica-node - OpenSSL libraries (libssl and libcrypto) >= 1.0.1, libevent >= 2.1,
SQLite3 library (libsqlite3) and sqlite3 command line client

	2) pica-client - OpenSSL libraries (libssl and libcrypto) >=1.0.1 and openssl command line tool,
Qt 4 libraries (QtCore, QtGui, QtSql, QtNetwork), Qt4 tools (uic and moc), pkg-config, xdg-utils (for menu 
item installation)

You can disable building of pica-node or pica-client by passing apropriate option to configure script:

By default, Pica Pica sources are configured to be installed in /usr/local prefix. You can override default
settings using --prefix=[your prefix]. If you are building .rpm, .deb or some other package, it is better to 
use the following settings:
./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var

"make install" command installs these important files for pica-node: pica-node.conf with default settings in
$(sysconfdir), nodelist.db (database with addresses of all existing nodes) in $(localstatedir)/lib/pica-node

After installation it is important to set "announced_addr" parameter in configuration file.

Alternatively, project file can be used to build pica-client bypassing autotools stuff. Open in Qt Creator IDE or use QMake to generate Makefile


See COPYING file

Report bugs at
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