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commit 1bb8a0b2de64825e8331c0e172377023e687034e 1 parent 0d7f1f5
@antonvs authored
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  1. +5 −0 www/services.tpl
5 www/services.tpl
@@ -1,6 +1,9 @@
<apply template="exactedits">
<bind tag="subtitle">: Services</bind>
+<p>To come</p>
+<div style="display:none"><!-- delete this line and the closing tag at the end to make the contents visible -->
<h2>Services: The editing process</h2>
@@ -204,4 +207,6 @@ Much of the structure and contents of this section was sourced from the manual o
</apply><!-- close footnotes section -->
+</div><!-- delete this line and the opening tag at the top to make the contents visible -->
</apply><!-- close page template -->
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