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A simple and easy to use program to share files in local network.
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Share My Host

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Download chmod +x ShareMyHost*-x86_64.AppImage && ./ShareMyHost*-x86_64.AppImage

Share My Host

ShareMyHost is a simple and powerful program written in C++/QML using Google's material design guidelines. It gives a very simple http server for sharing file(s) within your local network. It uses mount points which are sort of like http endpoints with directory listing to specific directories in your file system.

For example, You create a Mount Point(say /Animes to /home/user/Anime) then you can access the directory listing and all its files at http://ip:port/Animes (Ex:


  • Easy to Use - This program is specifically built for ease of use.

  • Support for Kodi HTTP Client - The best of my knowledge, this is the only application which supports listing of files in kodi from the mount points.

  • Directory Listing by Default - No need to fight with permissions in linux.

  • Automatic Permission Managemnt - No need to worry about who owns what.

  • Mongoose Server as Backend - Uses a trusted Web Server.

  • Material Design - Built using QML with Material Style.

See down below for the usage.


Starting the server

Starting the Server

Adding Mount Point

Add Mount Point

Removing Mount Point

Remove Mount Point


If you think that this project is cool then you can give it a ⭐️ or 🍴 it if you want to improve it with me. I really ❤️ stars though!

You can also tweet about me on twitter , get connected with me @antonyjr0

Thank You! 😺


All icons used in this program has been made by Icons8.

Mongoose Server Usage

This program uses the mongoose server for serving contents, Since it's in GPLV2 this program is also under GPLV2 to comply with the license.

The source of mongoose server has been heavily modified to our specific use case, such as the usage with mount points. Therefore for updating the mongoose server code, we must be careful not to remove the modified code. All modification to the code is mentioned in the top of source files.


The GNU General Public License V2.

Copyright (C) Antony Jr.

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