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Grails plugin to run jasmine javascript tests from grails project
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Grails plugin to run jasmine BDD specs from grails project

In this 1.0 release of the plugin you can run jasmine tests from command line by using "grails run-jasmine". The "grails run-jasmine-ci" command should also work but I am still trying to figure out how to get the report back from jasmine in a meaningful format.

How this works?

I am using JRuby to invoke jasmine ruby gem from the plugin. I know its crazy but it works :)

How to Start?

  • Install the grails plugin

How do I run the tests?

  • Put your specs in the test/jasmine/spec folder
  • Run 'grails run-jasmine'

How to Upgrade Jasmine?

Check in the results and either build the plugin yourself, or submit a pull request with the new Jar :)

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