A responsive template framework for Joomla 2.5+ built on Foundation3
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SiegeEngine is a responsive template framework for Joomla 2.5+. It is built around the Foundation3 framework from Zurb.

It's designed to be very simple to use and modify.

It is still a WIP!

Feel free to offer suggestions / thoughts / opinions / requests!

SiegeEngine is a responsive template framework for Joomla built around the Foundation3 framework. Full details and basic documentation can be found at www.siegeengine.org.

Siege Engine was hastily assembled by Antony Doyle.

Thanks / Credits / Props to:

  • Seth Warburton (@nternetinspired) for his One Web framework / template. Check it out, seriously. It's faster than an ostrich in a Bugatti Veyron.
  • Matt Thomas (@betweenbrain) - Borrowed a few code snippets and ideas from his awesome Construct Framework.
  • Roberto Segura (@phproberto) for his assistance with PHP and Joomla related frustrations.
  • Joomla!, obviously.
  • Everyone else who offered comments & feedback.
  • Nescafe, for the coffee that kept me awake & focused
  • Anyone else who I've missed. I either read your books and thought 'that's a good point', or listened to your opinions on Twitter and liked them. Thanks.

Check out SiegeEngine.org for more information.

Updated - 14/10/12

Added off-canvas layouts

Known issue with "show/hide password" feature. Fix coming in next update.

Updated - 17/9/12

Fixed some minor issues that were breaking a few features.

Updated - 28/9/12

Updated for compatibility with Joomla 3.0.

  • Added fixed MooTools toggle
  • Added template width override
  • Fixed a menu issue causing problems on 3.0

Some features are still untested on 3.0, so please use with caution and take backups!

Updated - 02/10/12

Updated Foundation core files.

Few styling fixes.

Added a layout selector & full width layout. You can now create your own, drop them in the layouts folder and pick them from the template admin.