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Antony Eagle's Adelaide fork of Tim Button's Cambridge version of forallx


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Forallx Adelaide

This is a derivative work created by Antony Eagle, based upon Tim Button's 2016 Cambridge version of PD Magnus's forallx (version 1.29). There are pervasive substantive changes in content, theoretical approach, coverage, and appearance – it's fair to say no one will mistake this version for Magnus' original.


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Source code

The LaTeX source code for this work is available on GitHub at

Current issues and proposed revisions

As of early 2022, this text is now broadly stable. I do not envisage making substantive further changes in the near future.

I welcome comments, notification of errors and typos, and any new ideas: I will update this readme with a list of issues and proposed changes even while teaching from the book, but I will not push major changes to the pdf and source until a given course has been delivered and assessed. (I will tacitly correct typos and small errors.)

Current known issues or proposed changes to the text:

  • Clarify discussion of parentheses conventions to ensure no impression given that $A \wedge B$ is a sentence, only that the sentence $(A \wedge B)$ can be unambiguously reconstructed from it.
    • Perhaps also remove rule that permits $(A \vee B \vee C)$ to stand indifferently for $(A \vee (B \vee C))$ and $((A \vee B) \vee C)$.
  • Consider adding to §33 a discussion of ex falso quodlibet.
  • Update to new version of fitch.sty: Check for backwards compatibility.


Antony Eagle's Adelaide fork of Tim Button's Cambridge version of forallx







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