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A fully automated Donation Store System for RunUO
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A fully automated Donation Store System for RunUO

This is a fully automated Donation Store System for RunUO server.


  • Provides Gump for player to get their donation gift after they have made their donation to the shard.
  • Provide webapp back-office for administrator to: add/remove gift type generate HTML code for donation gift button your web store monitoring PayPal payment transactions

This system is implemented with C#, MySQL, PHP, and PayPal IPN. You don't have to know all these. Just follow the instruction in my readme.html.

This system works promptly. Players can get their gift right after their payments have been completed.


- updated PHP scripts to avoid problem on web server which doesn't support short PHP tag.
- command [claimalldonationitems has been added for players to claim all their gifts by command at anywhere.
- support parameters for class
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