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Welcome to the BurstAT wiki!

BurstAT is a repository filled with all the experiments that I have personally tested on the BURSTCOIN Blockchain. In this wiki, I attempt to warn you of common mistakes made and show you examples of how Automated Transactions(AT) can be written. I would recommend you to be proficient in C/C++ and Assembly before attempting anything related to AT's as you do need to have strong knowledge about addresses/values and opcodes.

If you're here to get some basic understanding of how AT's work, feel free to look around or ask me questions in discord. (ant#8260)

Feel free to leave comments and issues in the Issues tab. Ideas on what I should work on next are appreciated.

BURSTCOIN is a cryptocurrency which uses Proof of Capacity for mining and is energy efficient. Visit for more information about BURSTCOIN.


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