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menu Utilities - Image Sig Checks: [${img_sigs_enabled}]
item --gap Utilities:
item alt_linux_rescue ${space} ALT Linux Rescue
item avg ${space} AVG Rescue CD
item breakin ${space} Breakin
item clonezilla ${space} Clonezilla
item dban ${space} DBAN
item gparted ${space} GParted
item memtest-501 ${space} Memtest86+ 5.01
item partition-wizard ${space} Partition Wizard
item pogostick ${space} Pogostick - Offline Windows Password and Registry Editor
item supergrub ${space} Super Grub2 Disk
item sysrcd ${space} SystemRescueCD
item ubcd ${space} Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD)
item --gap tools:
item nbxyz-custom ${space} Set Github username [user: ${github_user}]
item testdistro ${space} Test Distribution ISO
item testpr ${space} Test forked branch or hash
choose --default ${menu} menu || goto utils_exit
echo ${cls}
goto ${menu} ||
chain ${menu}.ipxe || goto utils_exit
goto utils_exit
iseq ${arch} x86_64 && goto alt_linux_rescue_x64 ||
set util_path
set util_file alt-p8-rescue-20180312-i586.iso
goto boot_memdisk
set util_path
set util_file alt-p8-rescue-20180312-x86_64.iso
goto boot_memdisk
set avg_version 160420a12074
set util_path${avg_version}.iso
set util_file avg_arl_cdi_all_120_${avg_version}.iso
goto boot_memdisk
set breakin_version 4.26.1-53
set util_path${breakin_version}.iso
set util_file bootimage-${breakin_version}.iso
goto boot_memdisk
set clonezilla_version 2.5.5-38
set util_path${clonezilla_version}/clonezilla-live-${clonezilla_version}-amd64.iso/download
set util_file clonezilla-live-${clonezilla_version}-amd64.iso
goto boot_memdisk
set dban_version 2.3.0
set util_path${dban_version}/dban-${dban_version}_i586.iso/download
set util_file dban-${dban_version}_i586.iso
goto boot_memdisk
set gparted_version 0.31.0-1
set util_path${gparted_version}/gparted-live-${gparted_version}-amd64.iso/download
set util_file gparted-live-${gparted_version}-amd64.iso
goto boot_memdisk
set util_path
set util_file memtest86-5.01.0
goto boot_memtest
set util_path
set util_file pwfree91-x64.iso
goto boot_memdisk
set util_path
set util_file
goto boot_memdisk
set util_path
set util_file super_grub2_disk_hybrid_2.02s4.iso
goto boot_memdisk
set sysrcdpath
kernel --name altker64 https://${sysrcdpath}/altker64/download setkmap=no net.ifnames=0 backstore=off
initrd --name initram.igz https://${sysrcdpath}/initram.igz/download
initrd --name sysrcd.dat https://${sysrcdpath}/sysrcd.dat/download /sysrcd.dat
echo MD5sums:
md5sum altker64 initram.igz sysrcd.dat
iseq ${img_sigs_enabled} true && goto verify_sigs_sysrcd || goto skip_sigs_sysrcd
echo Checking signatures...
imgverify altker64 ${sigs}${menu}/altker64.sig || goto error
imgverify initram.igz ${sigs}${menu}/initram.igz.sig || goto error
imgverify sysrcd.dat ${sigs}${menu}/sysrcd.dat.sig || goto error
echo Signatures verified!
goto utils_exit
set util_path
set util_file ubcd538.iso
goto boot_memdisk
kernel ${memdisk} iso raw
initrd --name ${util_file} http://${util_path}
echo MD5sums:
md5sum memdisk ${util_file}
iseq ${img_sigs_enabled} true && goto verify_sigs || goto skip_sigs
echo Checking signatures...
imgverify memdisk ${sigs}memdisk.sig || goto error
imgverify ${util_file} ${sigs}${menu}/${util_file}.sig || goto error
echo Signatures verified!
goto utils_exit
chain https://${util_path} && goto main_menu ||
goto utils_exit
echo Make sure you have a fork of
echo You can then customize your fork as needed and set up your own custom options.
echo Once your username is set, a custom option will appear on the main menu.
echo -n Please enter your Github username: ${} && read github_user
goto utils_exit
echo This option will allow you to test booting an ISO using memdisk. Please
echo specify the URL of the ISO you want to test and it will automatically
echo attempt to load the ISO using memdisk.
echo -n URL: ${} && read distro_iso
kernel ${memdisk} iso raw
initrd ${distro_iso}
goto utils_exit
clear github_user
clear github_branch_or_hash
echo This will chainload into a testing branch of You'll need to enter
echo your Github username and the first part of the commit hash of the commit you want
echo to test or the branch name. This assumes you are testing from a forked
echo repo.
echo -n Specify Github username: ${} && read github_user
echo -n Specify Github branch name or commit hash ( i.e. my_feature or 30b7ca ): ${} && read github_branch_or_hash
echo Attempting to chainload branch or hash:
chain --autofree${github_user}/${github_branch_or_hash}/src/menu.ipxe || echo Unable to find Github branch or hash... && sleep 5 && goto utils_exit
goto utils_exit
clear menu
exit 0