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A fast, portable Go command line utility that serves a file directory over HTTP. Can be used for local web development, production static-site serving, or as a network file host. By default, go-live serves the directory it is executed in.

Based on JavaScript's famous live-server utility. Supports Linux, Windows, and Mac, as well as ARM. See TODO list if interested in helping.

To use: Run go-live in your terminal while in directory you want to serve.




  • Local development of an HTML/JS project (can serve any frontend code).
  • Host a production static site yourself as a GitHub Pages alternative.
  • A lightweight network file host that can serve over a LAN or the whole Internet.
  • Run on an embedded system or Kubernetes cluster to share files and host a static website on a network (full binary is less than 5MB).


Download latest Binary

MacOS (with Brew)

brew tap antsankov/go-live && brew install go-live

MacOS (without Brew)

curl -LJO && unzip && mv go-live-mac-x64 /usr/local/bin/go-live && chmod +x /usr/local/bin/go-live && go-live

  • ARM64 Mac release is supported. Download file from release, chmod +x, and then move it to your path. Brew coming soon.

Linux (using Snapcraft)

snap install go-live

Linux 32-Bit (Ubuntu/RHEL/etc.):

wget -O /usr/bin/go-live && chmod +x /usr/bin/go-live

Linux 64-Bit (Ubuntu/RHEL/etc.):

wget -O /usr/bin/go-live && chmod +x /usr/bin/go-live

  • Deb packages and snap coming soon! (Help wanted)
  • Need ARM? Check the releases page.


docker pull antsankov/go-live

To run (will serve current directory on port 9000):

docker run --rm -v "${PWD}":/workdir -p 9000:9000 antsankov/go-live go-live


Download Here and Execute

  • Chocolatey coming soon! (Help wanted)
  • Make sure when running that all necessary ports are open and user has permissions (Help wanted)
  • QT based front-end? (Help wanted)

Go Get (must have Go installed)

GO111MODULE=on go get

Install From Source (must have Go installed)

git clone && cd go-live
make build && ./bin/go-live

Cross Compile for multiple systems

git clone && cd go-live
make cross-compile && ls release/


  -h  Print help message for go-live 

  -c	Allow browser caching of pages. Can lead to stale results, off by default.

  -d string
    	Select the directory you want to serve. Serves all subpaths that user has read permissions for. (default "./")
  --dir string
    	 (default "./")
  -p string
    	Set port to serve on. (default "9000")
  --port string
    	 (default "9000")
  -q	Quiet stops go-live from opening the browser when started.

  -s	Start in server mode on port 80 and in quiet.

  -v	Print the version of go-live.

Note: index.html is displayed automatically at the root of a directory.

Example: Serve a static site over Port 80

sudo go-live --dir ~/ --serve

TODO (Help Wanted)

  • Android Support
  • Docker Support
  • Benchmarking and performance tests. Large files, and concurrent connections.
  • Gif and Screenshots of it in use.
  • Tutorial Use as Github Pages Alternative
  • Copy Paste from Terminal fix.
  • Finish Gitbook documentation.
  • HTTPS support.
  • Publish as a Go package.
  • Setup Unit tests.
  • Requests Counter
  • Ability to download as a binary.
  • Browser Opening
  • Finish Go Deps
  • Run as shell utility.
  • Figure out rotating print message.
  • Get local server going.