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Auto reloading PureScript compiler
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Auto reloading compiler for PureScript inspired by ghcid.

psc-pane helps you get quick feedback on your PureScript code by watching your source files for changes. It will

  1. try to first compile the file that changed with psc-ide and show the first error if any. If there are no errors it will
  2. run a full build using psc and show the first error if any. If there are no errors it will then
  3. (optionally) run your test suite.

psc-pane is designed to be run in a terminal multiplexer like tmux side-by-side with your editor, or in a normal terminal window. You can resize the terminal window and the output is reformatted on the fly to fit the new height of the window.



npm install psc-pane -g


If you have a pulp-style project directory structure you can run psc-pane with no arguments


This will compile your project with psc and then start listening for changes to files in src/. It will start a psc-ide-server for you in some port between 4242-4245 and compile any file you save with psc-ide. If you change a .js file then psc is used to compile the whole project.

By default psc-pane assumes you have installed your dependencies with bower and uses bower_components as the dependency path. You can specify a different directory with --dependency-path.

psc-pane --dependency-path lib

You can change the source directory (src by default) with --src-path.

psc-pane --src-path sources

For the full list of options see --help.

Single-module mode

By default psc-pane does a full rebuild of your project after psc-ide compiles the most recently changed file successfully. You can turn this off and only rebuild one module at a time with psc-ide using --norebuild (-m).

Running tests

psc-pane won't run any tests unless you use the -t (--test) flag. When -t is given the tests will be run after every successful rebuild. The default location of test source files is test, you can change it with --test-path. This path is watched for changes in addition to the src path (--src-path) when -t is given.

By default the test suite is run by calling the main function from the module Test.Main. You can change the module name with --test-main. If the test suite exits with a non-zero exit code the output from stderr (or stdout if empty) will be displayed.

Turning off colors

You can turn off colors with --nocolor.

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