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Demo Program on how Finagle ChannelClosedExceptions may occur

Sample project sets up a trivial Finagle server and runs a configurable number of requests against it in parallel.

To compile

To compile the project, just say:

mvn clean install

To run

To run the dmeo, say:

mvn exec:java -Dexec.args='n <count> -s <use_stats> -rt<read_timeout> -ct <connection_timeout>'


  • <count> the number of requests you wish to send. Defaults to 20.
  • <use_stats> true of false depending on if you want statistics or not. Defaults to true.
  • <read_timeout> server side read timeout (secs). Defaults to 60.
  • <connection_timeout> client side connection timeout (secs). Defaults to 60.

What you should see is success for small <count>, failure with larger numbers.

Speculation: run the test on a (virtual) host with only one core and you'll see failures with ChannelClosedExceptions really fast.