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Freekick 3

Freekick 3 is an open source soccer game.


The Freekick 3 source code is licensed under GPLv3+. See LICENSE for more

For the artwork licenses, see the file "licenses". Unless otherwise noted,
the artwork is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
(cc-by-sa-3.0) license. See
for more details. For the license on DejaVu Sans font, see


- make sure you have the dependencies. These include the Boost C++
libraries, SDL, SDL_image and SDL_ttf, OpenGL and tinyxml. You need both
library binaries and header files.
- get the source using git (git clone
- change to the cloned directory.
- fetch the git submodule by running: git submodule update --init
- to compile, run make.
- to run, use bin/freekick3 (there's no make install yet).


Use mouse to control the kick direction and keyboard (w/a/s/d) to control
the run direction. See the in-game help for more information.


Freekick 3 includes some made up teams. If you want to use more realistic
teams, you can either convert Sensible World of Soccer teams to Frekick 3
teams or use football-data-fetcher
( to fetch team
data from Wikipedia and convert that data to Freekick 3 teams.

To use Sensible World of Soccer teams (PC format), use the utility swos2fk
(compiled using make). Usage:

  $ mkdir ~/.freekick/share/teams
  $ bin/swos2fk ~/.freekick3/share/teams/ path/to/swos/PC/Data/TEAM.*

This will create the Freekick 3 teams in directory ~/.freekick3/share/teams.

To use the data from football-data-fetcher, you can use the script
wikifetcher under src/tools, which will convert the data to Freekick 3
teams. Usage:

  $ cd src/tools/wikifetcher
  $ python2 ordering.txt /path/to/fetcher/output \

The fetcher output path is the directory with subdirectories like UEFA,


For any bug reports, feedback or questions: <ajsalonen at gmail dot com>

Antti Salonen