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+HTML5 Slides
+HTML5 Slides is a spin-off of Google I/O's presentation from 2011. Easily replace Powerpoint or Keynote and create your next presentation easily using simple HTML.
+### Basic
+ 1. Clone the repo: `git clone`
+ 2. Add your slide data to `index.html`. Each slide is wrapped in an html `<article>` tag. There are many examples provided in `index.html` for you to base your slides on.
+# Advanced (Custom Theme)
+ 1. Clone the repo: `git clone`
+ 2. Add your slide data to `index.html`.
+ 3. Open `stylesheets/styles.css` and change the CSS to suit your needs.
+ - I did not write any of this javascript or styling - I merely compiled it from Google, Eric Meyers, etc. I take no credit, and I've cited all JS/CSS appropriately.
+ - Because all resources are served locally, the script works offline (without an Internet connection)

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