Script for converting tabular data in Excel spreadsheets into simple XML
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Script for converting tabular data in Excel spreadsheets into simple XML


./ test/people.xls

... and that will output to STDOUT:

<node ID="1" First_Name="Homer" Last_Name="Simpson" Phone="1-312-118-0853" />
<node ID="2" First_Name="Wilma" Last_Name="Flintstone" Phone="1-961-423-3877" />
<node ID="3" First_Name="Danger" Last_Name="Mouse" Phone="1-244-683-1796" />
<node ID="4" First_Name="Astro" Last_Name="Boy" Phone="1-439-944-5821" />


  • There are options to output cells (columns) as nodes instead of attributes, to specify the name of the nodes themselves, to add a root node. Just run -h

  • This uses the Python xlrd library, for interacting with Excel files. ( That library is bundled here, in the "library" directory, to make it easy for people to install.

  • You can put the whole directory in a directory in your path (e.g. ~/bin). Make sure that you leave the library directory in place.

  • There are two spreadsheets for testing in the "test" directory.

  • You should set your PYTHONIOENCODING environment variable to utf-8, to avoid problems with piping unicode characters from stdout e.g. export PYTHONIOENCODING=utf-8 Otherwise you may run into errors such as: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position