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Welcome to the Antville Project

Antville is a high performance, full featured weblog hosting software based on Helma Object Publisher, an open source web application server entirely written in Java.

Antville itself is written in JavaScript and scales very well up to several thousands of weblogs. It is very easy to use while offering a lot of advanced features that make it even capable of hosting other types of websites.

Activity Log

10 Aug 2015 Release of version 1.5 of Antville and AntClick.

6 April 2015 Aaaaand we are as good as gone from Google Code: the Wiki pages have arrived at GitHub, safely and refreshed.

4 April 2015 …looks like rather sooner: already moved the source code and issues, now starting to move the wiki pages to GitHub!

12 March 2015 So we are going to move away our code from Google Code, obviously… Sooner or later this year, I estimate.

27 June 2014 We migrated the source code repository at Google Code from Subversion to Git. After trying out Git’s own SVN conversion tool as well as Git2SVN and experiencing some issues with revisions 700—866, 3769 and 3770 we did not get any errors with a tool called SubGit – which does not have to mean the issues are really resolved but it provided the easiest approach and the most appealing result.

3 August 2013 Version 1.4 was just released today! It’s a tiny update but nevertheless a big improvement. As usual, you find all the packages in the release section.

27 June 2011 Release packages of version 1.3 of Antville and AntClick have arrived in the release section! Get ’em while they’re hot!

26 June 2011 To catch up with the latest trends in collaborative software development the Subversion repository of Antville at Google Code is now mirrorred at GitHub. Fork on!

4 June 2011 With the advent of the beta version of 1.3 over at it is now possible to login using third-party authentication services like Facebook, Google and Twitter. To emphasize this nifty new feature you now can follow Antville on Facebook and Twitter.

20 January 2011 Another year, another (bugfix) version: fresh from the trunk, here is version 1.2.1 of Antville and of course AntClick, as usual available from the release section.

18 June 2010 It’s the ninth birthday of Antville – and the release date of the final version 1.2 of the weblog software! Celebrate with us and don’t miss to take a look at the packages in the release section. I really recommend to try out the AntClick package. It is the best one so far.

June 2010 Approaching a final release I just added the release candidate packages of version 1.2 for both, Antville and AntClick, to the download section.

April 2010 AntClick 1.2 has gone beta and is available for download! Get it while it’s hot – it has got some brand-new features like comment muting or importing/exporting site data.

January 2010 Happy New Year! It should be a good one: internationalization is making huge steps forward, AntClick has been woken up from a long time of hibernation and the latest spam attacks on have stimulated some thoughts about countermeasures.

October 2009 Finally: The API documentation is back!

August 2009 Antville is now also a registered association as “Verein für Entwicklung, Betrieb und Unterstützung freier Publishing-Software” (”association for development, maintainence and support of free publishing software”) in the Austrian “Vereinsregister”. Please join the club, become a member and support the project with your donation!

February 2009 moved to a new server called Minnegard.

May 2008 First public installation of revised code as Antville version 1.2 at

October 2007 I am trying to get some more financial support for Antville via this year's second poll for municipal aid (in german).

August 2007 Happily coding :)

June 2007 The meteorologic summer has just begun recently while the astronomical one is still far ahead and yet here we are amidst the Antville Summer Of Code 2007. So enjoy the warmth of early sunshine and maybe you can spend a dime or two to support the further development of the wonderful weblog software.

A detailed roadmap about envisioned future Antville releases is in the works.