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An alphabetical list of the people behind the project Antville.

The Queen’s Ants

  • Christoph Leuthner is an Antville enthusiast who tries to help improve the software by hunting down bugs, making suggestions based on his extensive experience from supporting users of and discussing ideas with the developers.

  • Kai Schmalenbach is boarding ships of the German established parties as Pirate by day and administrating Minnegard, the machine serving, by night.

  • Philipp Naderer is searching for some free time to spend it on Antville's skins and accessibility. Sometimes he also files strange bugs and hunts them in the Helma source.

  • Tobi Schäfer is currently the main developer of Antville. After a short period of disclosed resignation, he tried to bridge the code gaps of more than two idle years as well as to generally establish a better maintenance infrastructure during the Antville Summer Of Code 2007 and beyond. Tobi’s favorite sweet is Aïda's Pyramidenschnitte.


  • Christoph Lincke probably does not want a lot of fuss being made by mentioning him here. He is a close friend of the Project and always an inspirational discussion partner for the upcoming work on Antville.

  • Claudia Bogun is long-time art director at and kindly created the official graphic design of Antville in her spare time. Thus, with every default appearance of each new Antville site she leaves her visual marks in the web’s topology.

  • Hannes Wallnöfer was the main developer of Helma Application server which Antville is based on. He contributed a lot of important parts and patches to Antville and also initiated the “Antville server fund” which got some public attention in the german digerati scene. Lately, Hannes was parenting the community-funded server named Elise, calming her hiccups and catching her tumbles.

  • Mariann Unterluggauer dedicated her experience as journalist and blogger to fill in the huge gap of communication skills the Antville project was lacking of in former times. She probably knows best what’s all the fuss about Antville and weblogs but in fact, her real talent is to make you find out yourself.

  • Robert Gaggl originated Antville by committing the first version of the software to the Helma source code repository on June 18 2001. Until he informally resigned from development Robert was the project leader and main developer of Antville. Nevertheless and even during phases of paramount invisibility, he still was looking and taking care of Elise whenever necessary. Robert has been involved with Helma from the start, creating the web application infrastructure of and is one of the main characters of the software development team there.

  • Stefan Lauterer made the project happen by giving it an overwhelming amount of support, by sharing his ideas and insights as well as by connecting the so many different people in the same device. Nice, nice, very nice!

Note: I did my best to describe the people in the preceding list of fame in all conscience and to the best of my knowledge. However, both are neither error prone nor immune against misunderstandings. If you are listed above and think the description of your person does not appeal to you please drop me a message and I will adapt to your suggestions.