Summer Of Code

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Trying to get Antville back on the track.

After Antville was being in maintenance limbo for quite some time, Tobi Schäfer decided to put his hands back on Antville development.

Similar to the Antville ServerFund in 2002 which made it possible to buy new hardware it then was the time to afford overdue revisions of the software based on donations: “no altruistic approach, anymore.”

As extra reward the whole development process should become more open and more intelligible which was fairly achieved.

The Summer of Code started in May 2007 with fundraising, and was scheduled to take “at least 2 months (the longer the better)”, divided in three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Collecting pledges: 22 May – 24 May
  2. Phase 2: Collecting donations starting 25 May with positive pledges
  3. If we cross the 2.000€ mark mid of June the coding can begin
  4. Phase 3: Coding from July – October (depending on total donations)

The phases itself in fact took place with a more than encouraging result in both donations and interest, albeit phase 3 should take a little bit longer – two and a half years, to be precise...

Due to some twists and turns life is so infamous for it was not before 2010 to make a next release really happening.

Meanwhile, moved to yet another new server, a “verein” (association) was founded – and blogging somehow looked quite old facing hip new web trends like social networking and microblogging.

Nevertheless Antville is here to stay.