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  • chore: improve the types of graph events;
  • fix: position animate considers origin attributes;


  • feat: shouldDeselect param for lasso-select;
  • fix: initial collapsed combos with unexpected size;


  • fix: layoutController is null problem;


  • feat: comboCombined Layout from @antv/layout;
  • feat: combo supports position configurations for any situations;
  • fix: run layout promise only when the layout is configured;


  • fix: tooltip with wrong duplicated child DOM nodes;


  • feat: tooltip plugin supports dynamic dom configurations;
  • feat: context menu plugin supports mobile touch event;
  • feat: allow enabling stack operations at runtime;
  • fix: use origin data when changeData without data param, closes: #3459;
  • feat: shouldBegin for canvas click in click-select behavior;


  • fix: import G6 in head and call getComputedStyle, the document body is not exist;


  • fix: node update from no icon to iconfont icon failed;
  • fix: getUpdateType with type error;
  • fix: edge label background with clearItemStates problem;
  • fix: edge label with autoRotate false and padding problem;
  • fix: changeData in the process of create-edge behavior, an error occurs, closes: #3384;
  • fix: node update from no icon to iconfont icon failed;


  • feat: translate graph with animation;
  • feat: zoom graph with animation;
  • feat: timebar supports filterItemTypes to configure the types of the graph items to be filtered; only nodes can be filtered before;
  • feat: timebar supports to configure the rotate of the tick labels by tickLabelStyle[dot]rotate;
  • feat: timebar supports container CSS configuration by containerCSS;
  • feat: timebar supports a function getDate to returns the date value according to each node or edge by user;
  • feat: timebar supports afunction getValue to returns the value (for trend line of trend timebar) according to each node or edge by user;
  • feat: timebar supports to configure a boolean changeData to control the filter way, true means filters by graph[dot]changeData, false means filters by graph[dot]showItem and graph[dot]hideItem;
  • feat: timebar supports to configure a function shouldIgnore to return true or false by user to decide whether the node or the edge should be ignored while filtering;
  • fix: simple timebar silder text position strategy and expand the lineAppendWidth for the slider;
  • fix: edge label padding bug, closes: #3346;
  • fix: update node with iconfont icon, the icon is updated to a wrong position, closes: #3348;


  • fix: add item type to the parameter of afterremoveitem event;


  • feat: zoom with animation, contributed by @Blakko;


  • fix: drag-combo and drag-node with wrongly calling shouldUpdate;


  • feat: better performance for item drawing;
  • fix: disable the capture of hull shape to enhance the performance of dragging canvas with hulls;
  • fix: uncombo an empty combo, fix: #3248;
  • fix: upgrade layout to beta 5 to solve proxy problem for IE;



  • fix: update edge to be horizontal and the label is on wrong position for min file;


  • fix: addBehavior with behavior string name, closes: #3020;
  • fix: drag-node shouldEnd does not stop the dragging node behavior, closes: #3173;
  • fix: drag-combo fails to merge combo with enableDelegate, closes: #3137;
  • fix: uncombo does not trigger afterremoveitem event, closes: #3179;
  • fix: error label background position when the edge label has position start, closes: #3129;
  • fix: destroyed graph judgement, closes: #3203;
  • fix: edge click event will not be triggered when the contextmenu is configure with trigger click, closes: #3201;
  • feat: drag-combo with shouldEnd, closes: #3202;
  • chore: information for failing to download image, closes: #2980;


  • fix: update edge to be horizontal and the label is on wrong position;


  • fix: drag-node on mobile, closes: #3127;
  • fix: removeBehaviors drag-canvas cause canvas:drag event cannot be listened;
  • fix: drag-node with unexpected offseted edge end points, closes: #3118;
  • fix: delete node with combo, closes: #3141;
  • fix: update node position with wrong position;
  • feat: enableStack for drag-node behavior, closes: #3128;


  • fix: drag a node without comboId by drag-node with onlyChangeComboSize;
  • fix: gpu layout with async;
  • fix: minimap with delegate type cannot reach the top of the canvas, closes: #2885;
  • feat: improve the performance for updating nodes;
  • feat: updateLayout with align and alignPoint;


  • fix: when select a node with click-select, selected combos should be deselected;
  • fix: contextmenu with click trigger does not show the menu up, closes: #2982;
  • fix: layout with collapsed combo, closes: #2988;
  • fix: zoom-canvas with optimizeZoom, drag-canvas shows the node shapes hiden by zoom-canvas optimizeZoom, closes: #2996;


  • fix: uncombo with id, closes: #2924;
  • fix: image node with state changing, closes: #2923;
  • fix: mouseentering tooltip DOM hides the DOM;
  • feat: moveTo with animate, closes: #2252;


  • fix: upgrade the layout package to 0.1.14 to solve the different results from gpu and cpu problem in gForce layout, closes: #2902;
  • fix: auto fitting container without width and height for graph problem, closes: #2901;
  • fix: minimap with zoomingproblem, closes: #2863
  • feat: fx and fy for fruchterman and gForce layout in both gpu and cpu version;
  • feat: barWidth for interval bar chart for TimeBar plugin, closes: #2989;
  • feat: click trigger for context munu, closes: #2686;


  • fix: empty object for TreeGraph data;
  • fix: combo edge arrow error with state styles;
  • fix: depth problem for addItem with comboId, closes: #2888;
  • feat: focus edge item;
  • feat: legend plugin;
  • feat: allow to new a tree layout independently;


  • fix: edges disappear when collapsing combo, closes: #2816;
  • fix: drag-node with edge key, closes: #2819;
  • fix: failed to update startArrow to be false, closes #2814;
  • fix: createCombo and add combId or parentId to the related nodes or combos, closes #2815;
  • feat: no animation when first rendering with collapsed combos, closes: #2826;


  • feat: scroll-canvas behavior;
  • feat: iconfont for node icon;
  • feat: percentage of scalable range for drag-canvas;
  • fix: missing brushStyle in type ModeOption;
  • fix: the comboId remains in the node after uncombo(), closes #2801;
  • fix: disappearing edges when combos are expanded/collapsed, closes #2798;
  • fix: invisible nodes and edges should not be selected by brush-select and lasso-select, closes #2810;


  • feat: donut node;
  • feat: downloadImage with watermarker;
  • fix: multiple layout calling error;
  • fix: combo collapse and related edges diappearing;
  • fix: forceAtlas2 with descrete node error;


  • fix: change data with dulplicated name between nodes and combos;
  • fix: pixelRatio for graph types;


  • fix: layout with fitView;


  • feat: pipe layouts for subgraphs;


  • fix: circle combo edge linking position problem;
  • fix: drag minimap viewport with forbidden icon in chrome on windows;
  • fix: show node without node position problem;
  • fix: addItem and getNodeDgree with wrong result problem;
  • fix: timebar data filtering problem;
  • fix: update endArrow to be false and set state problem;
  • feat: pass comb and comboEdge data for layout;
  • feat: tooltip with fixToItem to avoid following the mouse when moving;
  • feat: getViewPortCenterPoint and getGraphCenterPoint API;
  • feat: tooltip with trigger configuration, supports mouseenter and click;



  • fix: combo edge link position problem;
  • fix: activate-relations with combo and combo edges problem;
  • feat: support config TimeBar handler, background, foreground, tick label, tick line style;


  • fix: webworker in dist;


  • fix: cubic-x problem, closes: #2698;


  • fix: gridSize for polyline;
  • fix: create-edge undo problem;
  • fix: tslib spreadArray problem;
  • fix: rect combo position with state problem;
  • feat: simple polyline for better performance;
  • fix: gridSize for polyline;
  • fix: cubic-x problem, closes: #2698;
  • fix: create-edge undo problem;
  • fix: tslib spreadArray problem;
  • fix: rect combo position with state problem;
  • feat: simple polyline for better performance;


  • fix: getHulls with error type;
  • fix: createHull with destroyed hullMap problem;
  • fix: refining TimeBar minor problems;
  • fix: tooltip with display none to avoid enlarging graph container;
  • feat: TimeBar supports controller style configuration;
  • feat: TimeBar supports filtering edges;
  • feat: dagre with nested combo;


  • chore: update layout and register in G6;
  • fix: performance problem in create-edge with polyline;
  • fix: performance for polyline;
  • fix: debounce updating the polyline edges in drag-node behavior;
  • fix: toolbar redo undo max clone in drag-node behavior;
  • feat: dagre layout with combo;
  • feat: cubic-vertical and cubic-horizontal with curveOffset and minCurveOffset


  • chore: update layout with alpha gwebgpu;
  • chore: update algorithm with fixed publicPath problem;


  • chore: link correct core;


  • chore: update algorithm;


  • feat: allowDragOnItem for drag-canvas behavior;
  • fix: drag-canvas with two fingers on mobile affects zoom-canvas;


  • fix: shouldBegin false for zoom-canvas behavior;
  • fix: shouldBegin originScale from graph zoom;
  • fix: error in collapse-expand with touch on canvas;


  • fix: polyline with negative endpoints;
  • fix: polyline direction when linkCenter;
  • fix: remove g6-core browser since it has no umd output;
  • feat: custom texts for the time range and time point text in timeBar plugin;
  • chore: types for strict mode;


  • fix: webworker problem after removing broswer in pc and g6;


  • fix: wrong style for modelRect after updating and state changing, closes: #2613;
  • fix: drag-canvas with shouldBegin false, closes: #2571;
  • fix: pack plugin with es module, closes: #2577;
  • feat: dijkstra with multiple shortest paths, closes: #2297;
  • fix: setMode while the delegates of brush-select and drag-node is on the canvas, closes: #2607;
  • docs: update the english TimeBar docs, closes: #2597;
  • fix: TimeBar time point switch text configurable, closes: #2597;


  • fix: drag-canvas with touch on mobile;


  • fix: registerBehavior export problem;
  • fix: shouldEnd of create-edge with groupByTypes as false;
  • fix: collapse and expand a combo with an empty sub combo error;
  • fix: update padding of rect combo;
  • fix: the graph in the minimap with circular layout is not centered, closes: #2555;
  • fix: edge background displays on a wrong place when autoRotate is true;


  • fix: soomth-convex hull with one line nodes leads to unshift problem;
  • fix: zoom-canvas to optimizeZoom and hide the label, the label will not show up any more problem;
  • fix: the ts type for parameter of timing event listener, closes: #2499;


  • chore: ts lint;
  • feat: getEdgeConfig for create-edge behavior;
  • fix: uniqueId with timestamp and random;
  • fix: fix zoom-canvas and drag-canvas with enableOptimize conflict problem shrink the settimeout;


  • chore: unpack the g6 into core, pc, element, plugin, mobile, and exported by g6;
  • feat: layout with onLayoutEnd and custom layout with tag;
  • feat: emit beforecollapseexpandcombo and aftercollapseexpandcombo;
  • fix: toolbar for firefox and other browsers;
  • fix: edge label position with state problem;
  • fix: set item state to false at the first time;
  • fix: hull with one node;
  • fix: combo state size problem;
  • fix: state with fontSize changed problem;
  • fix: edge label with background when the two end nodes are overlapped;
  • fix: text rasidual of timebar;
  • fix: maximum stack size problem for image node type, fix: #2383;


  • fix: state style restore for non-circle shapes;


  • fix: node and edge state style with update problem;
  • fix: import lib problem;
  • fix: import node module problem;
  • fix: hidden shapes show up after zoom-canvas or drag-canvas with enableOptimize;
  • fix: tooltip for combo;
  • fix: update edge with false endArrow and startArrow;


  • fix: glslang problem;


  • feat: fruchterman and gforce layout with gpu;
  • feat: gforce;
  • feat: updateChildren API for TreeGraph;
  • feat: louvain clustering algorithm;
  • feat: container of plugins with dom id;
  • feat: label propagation clustering algorithm;
  • feat: get color sets by subject color array;
  • feat: canvas context menu;
  • feat: stop gforce;
  • feat: dark rules for colors;
  • fix: text redidual problem, closes: #2045 #2193;
  • fix: graph on callback parameter type problem, closes: #2250;
  • fix: combo zIndex problem;
  • fix: webworker updateLayoutCfg problem;
  • fix: drag-canvas and click node on mobile;


  • fix: get fontFamily of the window in global leads to DOM depending when using bigfish;


  • feat: new version of basic styles for light version;
  • feat: shortcuts-call behavior for calling a Graph function by shortcuts;
  • feat: color generate util function getColorsWithSubjectColor;
  • fix: drag-canvas on mobile problem;
  • fix: style update problem with stateStyles in the options of registerNode;


  • feat: drag the viewport of the minimap out of the the view;
  • fix: extend modelRect with description problem, closes: #2235;


  • feat: graph.setImageWaterMarker, graph.setTextWaterMarker API;
  • feat: zoom-canvas support mobile;
  • fix: drag-canvas behavior support scalable range, closes: #2136;
  • fix: TreeGraph changeData clear all states, closes: #2173;
  • chore: auto zoom tooltip & contextMenu component when zoom-canvas;
  • chore: upgrade @antv/g-canvas;
  • feat: destroyLayout API for graph, closes: #2140;
  • feat: clustering for force layout, closes: #2196;
  • fix: svg renderer minimap hidden elements probem, closes: #2174;
  • feat: add extra parameter graph for menu plugin, closes: #2204;
  • fix: tooltip plugin, crossing different shape cant execute the getContent function, closes: #2153;
  • feat: add edgeConfig for create-edge behavior, closes: #2195;
  • fix: remove the source node while creat-edge;
  • feat: create-edge for combo, closes: #2211;
  • fix: update the typings for G6Event;


  • fix: update edge states with updateItem problem, closes: #2142;
  • fix: create-edge behavior with polyline problem, closes: #2165;
  • fix: console.warn show duplicate ID, closes: #2163;
  • feat: support the drag-canvas behavior on the mobile device, closes: #816;
  • chore: timeBar component docs;


  • fix: treeGraph render with addItem and stack problem, closes: #2084;
  • feat: G6 Interactive Document GraphMarker;
  • feat: registerNode with jsx support afterDraw and setState;
  • feat: edge filter lens plugin;
  • feat: timebar plugin;


  • fix: update G to fix the shape disappear when it has been dragged out of the view port problem, closes: #2078, #2030, #2007;
  • fix: redo undo with treeGraph problem;
  • fix: remove item with itemType problem, closes: #2096.


  • fix: toolbar redo undo addItem with type problem, closes #2043;
  • fix: optimized drag-canvas with hidden items;
  • fix: state style with 0 value problem, closes: #2039;
  • fix: layout with webworker leads to twice beforelayout, closes: #2052;
  • fix: context menu with sibling doms of graph container leads to position problem, closes: #2053;
  • fix: changeData with combos problem, closes: #2064;
  • fix: improve the position of the context menu before showing up;
  • feat: fisheye allows user to config the trigger of scaling range(r) and magnify factor(d) by scaleRBy and scaleDBy respectively;
  • feat: add the percent text of magnify factor(d) for fisheye and users are allowed to configure it by show showDPercent.


  • fix: hide the tooltip plugin when drag node and contextmenu, closes #1975;
  • fix: processParellelEdges without edge id problem;
  • fix: label background with left, right position problem, closes #1861;
  • fix: create-edge and redo undo problem, #1976;
  • fix: tooltip plugin with shouldBegin problem, closes #2006;
  • fix: tooltip behavior with shouldBegin problem, closes #2016;
  • fix: the position of grid plugins when there is something on the top of the canvas, closes: #2012;
  • fix: fisheye destroy and new problem, closes: #2018;
  • fix: node event with wrong canvasX and canvasY problem, closes: #2027;
  • fix: drag combo and drag node to drop on canvas/combo/node problem;
  • feat: improve the performance on the combos;
  • fix: redo and undo problem when update item after additem, closes #2019;
  • feat: hide shapes beside keyShape while zooming;
  • feat: improve the performance on the combos.


  • feat: chart node;
  • feat: bubble set;
  • feat: custom node with JSX;
  • feat: minimum spanning tree algorithm;
  • feat: path finding algorithm;
  • feat: cycle finding algorithm;
  • chore: update antv/hierarchy to fix indented tree with dropCap problem.


  • feat: find all paths and the shortest path between two nodes;
  • feat: fisheye with dragging;
  • feat: fisheye with scaling range and d;
  • feat: click and drag to create an edge by create-edge behavior;
  • feat: process multiple parallel edges to quadratic with proper curveOffset;
  • fix: polyline with rect and radius=0 problem;
  • fix: arrow state & linkpoint;
  • fix: the position of the tooltip plugin;
  • fix: drop a node onto a sub node of a combo;
  • chore: update hierarchy to solve the children ordering problem for indented tree layout;
  • chore: extract the public calculation to enhance the performance of fisheye.


  • chore: update g-canvas to support quickHit and pruning the rendering of the graph outside the viewport;
  • feat: add statistical chart nodes;
  • feat: add hull for create smooth contour to include specific items;
  • fix: clear combos before render;
  • fix: menu plugin with clickHandler problem.


  • feat: image minimap;
  • feat: visible can be controlled in the data;
  • feat: item type for tooltip plugin;
  • feat: menu plugin with shouldUpdate;
  • fix: tooltip plugin position and hidden by removeItem;
  • fix: tooltip behavior hidden by removeItem;
  • fix: menu plugin with clicking on canvas problem;
  • fix: menu plugin with clickHandler problem;
  • fix: createCombo with double nodes problem.


  • feat: fisheye lens plugin;
  • feat: lasso-select behavior;
  • feat: TimeBar plugin;
  • feat: ToolBar plugin.


  • fix: node:click is triggered twice while clicking a node;
  • fix: update combo edge when drag node out of it problem;
  • feat: animate configuration for combo, true by default;
  • fix: calling canvas.on('*', ...) instead of origin way in event controller leads to malposition while dragging nodes with zoomed graph.


  • feat: graph.priorityState api;
  • feat: graph.on support name:event mode.
  • fix: combo edge with uncorrect end points;
  • fix: combo polyline edge with wrong path;
  • fix: getViewCenter with padding problem;
  • fix: cannot read property 'getModel' of null problem on contextmenu when the target is not an item;
  • feat: allow user to configure the initial positions for empty combos;
  • feat: optimize by hiding edges and shapes which are not keyShape while dragging canvas;
  • feat: fix the initial positions by equably distributing for layout to produce similar result.


  • fix: fitView and fitCenter with animate in the initial state;
  • fix: dulplicated edges in nodeselectchange event of brush-select;
  • fix: triple click and drag canvas problem;
  • fix: sync the minZoom and maxZoom in drag-canvas and graph;
  • fix: integrate getSourceNeighbors and getTargetNeighbors to getNeighbors(node, type);
  • feat: initial x and y for combo data;
  • feat: dagre layout supports sortByCombo;
  • feat: allow user to disable relayout in collapse-expand-combo behavior;
  • feat: dijkstra shortest path lenght algorithm.


  • fix: multiple animate update shape for combo;
  • fix: removeItem from a combo.


  • fix: combo edge problem, issues #1722;
  • feat: adjacency matrix algorithm;
  • feat: Floyd Warshall shortest path algorithm;
  • feat: built-in arrows;
  • feat: built-in markers;
  • fix: force layout with addItem and relayout;
  • fix: create combo with parentId problem;
  • feat: allow user to configure the pixelRatio for Canvas;
  • chore: update G to resolve the blur canvas problem.


  • feat: shouldBegin for click-select behavior;
  • feat: graph.getGroup, graph.getContainer, graph.getMinZoom, graph.setMinZoom, graph.getMaxZoom, graph.setMaxZoom, graph.getWidth, graph.getHeight API;
  • fix: combo edge dashLine attribute;
  • fix: combo collapse and expand with edges problem;
  • fix: destroy the tooltip DOMs when destroy the graph;
  • fix: unify the shape names for custom node and extended node;
  • fix: update the edges after first render with collapsed combos.


  • feat: dropCap for indented TreeGraph layout.


  • fix: custom node with setState problem;
  • fix: validationCombo in drag-combo and drag-node.


  • feat: focusItem with animation;
  • feat: generate the image url of the full graph by graph.toFullDataUrl;
  • fix: graph dispears after being dragged out of the canvas and back;
  • fix: the graph cannot be dragged back if it is already out of the view;
  • fix: size and radius of the linkPoints problem;
  • fix: combo graph with unused state name in comboStateStyles;
  • fix: preventDefault in drag-canvas behavior.


  • feat: degree algorithm;
  • feat: graph.getNodeDegree;
  • fix: downloadFullImage changes the matrix of the graph problem;
  • fix: circular layout modifies the origin data with infinite hierarchy problem.


  • feat: graph.fitCenter to align the graph center to canvas center;
  • fix: getType is not a function error occurs when addItem with point;
  • fix: checking comboTrees avaiability;
  • fix: error occurs when createCombo into the graph without any combos;
  • fix: endPoint and startPoint are missing in modelConfig type;
  • fix: edge background leads to empty canvas when the autoRotate is false;
  • fix: combo state style bug.


  • feat: combo and combo layout;
  • feat: graph algorithms: DFS, BFS and circle detection;
  • feat: add getNeighbors, getSourceNeighbors, getTargetNeighbors methods on Graph and Node;
  • feat: add getID method on Item;
  • fix: All Configuration type declarations are migrated to types folder, refer here;
  • fix: Some configuration type declarations have removed the I prefix, refer here;
  • feat: Util.getLetterWidth and Util.getTextSize.


  • fix: TreeGraphData type with style and stateStyles;
  • fix: wrong controlpoint position for bezier curves with getControlPoint.


  • fix: transplie d3-force to support IE11.


  • feat: update the keyShape type minimap when the node or edge's style is updated;
  • fix: problem about switching to another applications or browser menu and then switch back, the drag-canvas does not take effect;
  • fix: fix the problem about fail to render the graph when the animate and fitView are true by turn off the animate for rendering temporary;
  • fix: curveOffset for arc, quadratic, cubic edge.


  • feat: downloadFullImage when the (part of) graph is out of the screen;
  • feat: With pre-graph has no layout configurations and no positions in data, calling changeData to change into a new data with positions, results in show the node with positions in data;
  • feat: allow user to assign curveOffset and curvePostion for Bezier curves;
  • fix: moveTo wrong logic problem;
  • fix: removeItem to update the minimap.


  • same as 3.4.5, published wrongly.


  • feat: background of the label on node or edge;
  • feat: better performance of minimap;
  • fix: minimap viewport displace problem;
  • feat: offset of tooltip;
  • fix: the length of the node's name affects the tree layout;
  • fix: toFront does not work for svg renderer;
  • fix: error occurs when the fontSize is smaller than 12 with svg renderer;
  • fix: changeData clears states;
  • fix: state does not work when default labelCfg is not assigned.


  • feat: background color for downloadImage and toDataURL;
  • feat: support configure image for grid plugin;
  • fix: initial position for fruchterman layout;
  • refactor: clip for image node.
  • fix: cubic with only one controlPoint error;
  • fix: polyline without L attributes.


  • fix: support extends BehaviorOption;
  • fix: click-select Behavior support multiple selection using ctrl key.


  • feat: zoom-canvas behavior supports hiding non-keyshape elements when scaling canvas;
  • refactor: when the second parameter is null, clearItemStates will clear all states of the item;
  • fix: changeData bug;
  • fix: update antv/hierarchy to fix fixedRoot for TreeGraph;
  • fix: problem of a graph has multiple polyline edges;
  • fix: problem of dagre with controlPoints and loop edges.


  • feat: force layout clone original data model to allow the customized properties;
  • fix: BehaviorOptions type error;
  • fix: fitView the graph with data whose nodes and edges are empty arrays;
  • fix: rect node positions are changed after calling graph.changeData;
  • fix: drag behavior is disabled when the keys are released invalidly;
  • refactor: update G and the fill of custom arrow should be assigned by user.


  • feat: SVG renderer;
  • refactor: new state mechanism with multiple values, sub graphics shape style settings.


  • feat: beforeaddchild and afteraddchild emit for TreeGraph;
  • feat: built-in nodes' labels can be captured;
  • fix: drag shadow caused by localRefresh, update the g-canvas version;
  • fix: abnormal polyline bendding;
  • fix: collapse-expand trigger problem;
  • fix: update nodes with empty string label;
  • fix: abnormal rendering when a graph has image nodes and other type nodes.


  • feat: support edge weight for dagre layout;
  • feat: automatically add draggable to keyShape, users do not need to assign it when custom a node or an edge;
  • fix: cannot read 0 or null problem in getPointByCanvas;
  • fix: brush-select bug;
  • fix: set autoDraw to canvas when graph's setAutoPaint is called;
  • fix: modify the usage of bbox in view controller since the interface is chagned by G;
  • fix: the shape.attr error in updateShapeStyle;
  • fix: local refresh influence on changeData;
  • refactor: upgrade g-canvas to 0.3.23 to solve lacking of removeChild function;
  • doc: update the demo fo custom behavior doc;
  • doc: add plugin demos and cases for site;
  • doc: fix shouldUpdate problem in treeWithLargeData demo on the site.


  • fix: 3.3.4 is not published successfully;


  • fix: 3.3.3 is not published successfully;
  • fix: delegate or keyShape type minimap does not display bug;
  • fix: dragging bug on minimap with a graph whose bbox is nagtive;
  • fix: null matrix bug, create a unit matrix for null.


  • fix: delegate or keyShape type minimap does not display bug;
  • fix: null matrix in focus() and getLoopCfgs() bug.


  • fix: ts type export problem;
  • fix: edge with endArrow and autoRotate label bug;
  • fix: code prettier;
  • fix: line with control points bug;
  • fix: matrix null bug.


  • fix: resolve 3.3.0 compatibility problem.


  • Graph API
    • refactor: delete removeEvent function, use off;
  • refactor: parameters of Shape animate changed, shape.animate(toAttrs, animateCfg) or shape.animate(onFrame, animateCfg);
  • feat: descriptionCfg for modelRect to define the style of description by user;
  • feat: update a node from without some shapes to with them, such as linkPoints, label, logo icon and state icon for modelRect;
  • feat: the callback paramter of event nodeselectchange is changed to { target, selectedItems, ... };
  • feat: support stateStyles in node and edge data;
  • feat: calculate pixelRatio by G automatically, user do not need to assign it to graph instance;
  • chore: G 4.0
  • refactor: refreshLayout of TreeGraph is renamed as layout
  • fix: no fan shape in G any more
  • feat: recommand to assign name for each shape when addShape
  • fix: do not support SVG renderer anymore. no renderer for graph configuration anymore
  • refactor: plugins usage is changed into new G6.PluginName()


  • feat: supports create the group without nodes in node-group;
  • fix: supports destoryed properties and fix issue 1094;


  • feat: supports sort the nodes on one circle according to the data ordering or some attribute in radial layout
  • fix: grid layout with cols and rows
  • feat: fix the nodes with position information in their original data and random the positions of others when the layout is not defined for graph


  • fix: click-select trigger error
  • fix: solved position problem for minimap


  • fix: typescript compile error
  • fix: delete sankey lib


  • fix: group position error
  • fix: supports not set layout type


  • feat: supports g6 types file
  • fix: set brush-select trigger param to ctrl not work
  • fix: when set fitView to true, drag-group Behavior not get desired positon


  • feat: radial layout nonoverlap iterations can be controlled by user
  • feat: add lock, unlock and hasLocked function, supports lock and unlock node
  • fix: mds with discrete points problem
  • fix: fruchterman-group layout title position for rect groups


  • feat: default behavior supports configuration trigger mode
  • feat: node combining supports configuration title
  • fix: update demo state styles


  • fix: update node use custom config
  • fix: update demo
  • feat: default node implement getShapeStyle function


  • feat: support for rich layouts:random, radial, mds, circular, fruchterman, force, dagre
  • feat: more flexible configuration for shape
  • feat: build-in rich default nodes
  • feat: cases that provide layout and default nodes



  • fix: zoom-canvas support IE and Firefox



  • fix: group data util function use module.exports
  • feat: update @antv/hierarchy version



  • feat: support add and remove group
  • feat: support collapse and expand group
  • feat: add graph api: collapseGroup and expandGroup


  • feat: add rect group
  • feat: add rect group demo
  • feat: add chart node


  • feat: add 5 chart node
  • feat: collapse-expand tree support click and dblclick by trigger option
  • fix: drag group bug fix


  • feat: support render group
  • feat: support drag group, collapse and expand group, drag node in/out group
  • feat: add drag-group、collapse-expand-group and drag-node-with-group behavior
  • feat: add drag-group and collapse-expand-group demo
  • feat: add register list node demo



  • feat: add five demos
  • refactor: update three behaviors



  • feat: add saveimage limitRatio



  • fix: bug fix



  • fix: bug fix



  • fix: tree remove guide will not getEdges.closes #521



  • fix: Compatible with MOUSEWHEEL
  • fix: fadeIn aniamtion
  • fix: fix wheelZoom behaviour by removing the deprecated mousewheel event



  • fix: Graph read zIndex
  • refactor: Animation



  • fix: svg pixelRatio bug
  • feat: add wheel event



  • fix: custom math.sign to compatible with ie browser.Closes #516.
  • fix: legend component from @antv/component
  • feat: update svg minimap && fix svg dom event



  • feat: add label rotate
  • feat: if there is no items the graph box equal canvas size



  • fix: dom getShape bug.Closes #472
  • fix: template.maxSpanningForest bug



  • fix: tool.highlightSubgraph calculate box bug
  • fix: plugin.grid.Closes #479
  • chore(dev): upgrade babel & torchjs



  • feat: svg render
  • feat: plugin.layout.forceAtlas2
  • feat: plugin.tool.fisheye
  • feat: plugin.tool.textDisplay
  • feat: plugin.tool.grid
  • feat: plugin.template.tableSankey
  • feat: plugin.edge.polyline



  • improve: add g6 arrow



  • feat: layout export group.Closes #355
  • feat(plugin): add tool.tooltip. Closes #360.
  • style: change the calling way of forceAtlas2 on template.maxSpanningForest
  • fix: origin tree data collapsed is true tree edge visible bug.Closes #357
  • fix: remove the forceAtlas.js in template.maxSpanningForest, use forceAtlas from layout.forceAtlas2
  • fix: add demos: plugin-fisheye, plugin-forceAtlas2, gallery-graphanalyzer
  • fix: add demos: plugin-forceAtlas2, plugin-fisheye



  • feat: update g to 3.0.x. Closes #346
  • fix: group should use rect intersect box. Close #297
  • fix(plugin): dagre edge controlpoints remove start point and end point
  • style: remove some annotations
  • chore: update torchjs && improve demo name



  • chore(plugin): require g6 by src/index
  • chore(dev test): remove useless test script
  • fix(plugin) minimap destroy Closes #308
  • fix(saveImage) saveImage bug
  • fix(event): fix dom coord. Closes #305



  • fix: reDraw edge after layout
  • feat: add quadraticCurve config cpd
  • feat: add beforelayout && afterlayout event
  • chore: .travis.yml add add Node.js
  • chore: .travis.yml cache node_modules



  • refactor: refactor architecture && code



  • feat: layout interface



  • fix: nodeActivedBoxStyle spelling error
  • fix: error when deleting a circle
  • fix: trigger dragstart while right clicking and moveing
  • feat: Unify Layout mechanism
  • feat: Plugin mechanism
  • feat: Data filter mechanism
  • feat: Activated interface
  • feat: Action wheelZoomAutoLabel
  • feat: configuration of graph -- preciseAnchor
  • remove: Global.preciseAnchor
  • remove: Layout.Flow、Layout.Force
  • improve: html container strategy



  • fix: pack problem in layout algorithm



  • fix: dragCanvas is effective while mousemove, prevent it from affecting click events
  • fix: unactivate pick-up in activeRectBox of node



  • feat: graph.invertPoint()
  • feat: third configuration of anchor to support style setting, float style, connection
  • feat: item.getGroup()
  • feat: events -- afteritemrender、itemremove、itemadd
  • feat: behaviourSignal
  • improve: mouseWheel is affective after focusing the canvas



  • feat: Graph configuration -- useNodeSortGroup
  • feat: Global.nodeDelegationStyle, Global.edgeDelegationStyle, isolate the delegation of edge and node on graph
  • fix: itemremove is triggered before destroying a graph



  • feat: dragBlankX dragBlankY



  • improve: dragNode protect mechanism



  • feat: HTML node
  • feat: mapper support callback function
  • feat: Graph interfaces -- updateMatrix、changeSize、showAnchor、hideAnchor、updataNodesPosition
  • feat: tool functions -- Util.isNode()、Util.isEdge()
  • feat: Shape polyLineFlow
  • feat: dragEdgeEndHideAnchor、dragNodeEndHideAnchor、hoverAnchorSetActived、hoverNodeShowAnchor



  • fix: draw one more time in 16ms after first draw
  • improve: add zoom by scroll in edit mode



  • fix: compatible in chrome in windows. triggering mousemove after first click leads to wrong click event.
  • feat: support fix size graphics
  • feat: analysis mode
  • feat: updateNodesPositon update a set of nodes' position
  • improve: change useAnchor to be a configuration of edge



  • feat: downloadImage support saving with name
  • feat: automatically detect tooltip padding
  • improve: stop the action while mouse dragging out of the canvas



  • fix: tree changeData Bug
  • fix: when getAnchorPoints returns auto, anchor is the intersection of edge and the bounding box
  • fix: generate node label according to isNull
  • feat: viewport parameters -- tl、tc、tr、rc、br、bc、bl、lc、cc
  • improve: reduce tolerance to improve the accuracy of interception
  • improve: improve tooltip event mechanisom to enhance performance



  • feat:



  • fix: Object.values => Util.getObjectValues
  • fix: when anchorPoints is auto, there is only anchorpoint on edge, it will also return the intersection
  • fix: tree update interface Bug
  • improve: represent positions information by group.transfrom()



  • fix: copy and paste bug
  • feat: draw once in 16ms
  • feat: itemactived itemunactived itemhover itemupdate itemmouseenter itemmouseleave
  • improve: be clear the status of graphics before activating graphics by frame selection
  • improve: dragAddEdge, linkable to anchor
  • improve: performance of animation



  • feat: fitView configurations
  • feat: graph.zoom()
  • feat: wheelZoomHideEdges hide the edges while zooming by wheel
  • feat: dragHideEdges hide the edge while dragging edge
  • feat: graph.filterBehaviour()
  • feat: graph.addBehaviour()
  • feat: graph.changeLayout()
  • feat: read interface, re-define save interface
  • feat: graph.snapshot, graph.downloadImage
  • feat: graph.autoSize()
  • feat: graph.focusPoint()
  • feat: tree graph、net graph
  • feat: interaction mechanism -- event => action => mode
  • feat: animation mechanism
  • feat: itemmouseleave、itemmouseenter
  • remove: graph.refresh()
  • remove: graph.changeNodes()
  • remove: graph attributes -- zoomable、dragable、resizeable、selectable
  • improve: anchor mechanism
  • improve: hide G6.GraphUtil functions, unified in G6.Util
  • improve: replace g-canvas-core to g-canvas to improve performance
  • improve: Global.nodeAcitveBoxStyle instead of Global.nodeBoxStyle
  • improve: afterAdd => afteradd
  • improve: G6.Graph to be an abstract class



  • fix: dragable for controlling dragable under default mode
  • feat: graph.converPoint()
  • feat: graph.autoSize()
  • feat: rightmousedown leftmousedown wheeldown
  • improve: use try catch to prevent the length of getPoint of path equals zero



  • fix: add px totooltip css padding
  • fix: tooltip mapping error
  • fix: accurate intersection
  • fix: zoom error on double accuracy screen
  • fix: buonding box extended from keyShape
  • feat: afterAdd
  • feat: dblclick
  • improve: width、height default null
  • improve: remove hovershape on node
  • improve: tooltip defense mechanism



  • fix: rollback when add node
  • fix: apply tranformation of parent container while calculating bounding box
  • feat: waterPath
  • feat: tooltip tip information
  • feat: mouseover
  • feat: multiSelectable, default false
  • feat: set forceFit to true while width is undefined
  • improve: zoomable、dragable、resizeable、selectable default true



  • feat: accurate anchor mechanism
  • feat: GraphUtil.getEllipsePath
  • feat: GraphUtil.pointsToPolygon
  • feat: GraphUtil.pointsToBezier
  • feat: GraphUtil.snapPreciseAnchor
  • feat: GraphUtil.arrowTo
  • feat: GraphUtil.drawEdge
  • feat: bezierQuadratic
  • feat:
  • feat: node.hide
  • feat: node.getLinkNodes
  • feat: node.getUnLinkNodes
  • feat: node.getRelativeItems
  • feat: node.getUnRelativeItems
  • feat:
  • feat: edge.hide
  • feat: Shape afterDraw
  • improve: the controlling point positions of Bezier Curve 改进贝塞尔曲线控制点位置
  • improve: grpah.delete => graph.del
  • improve: error when adding id



  • fix: delegator of dragging a node is the center of bbox
  • fix: use cardinality sort for all the sorting algorithm
  • fix: random id on edges
  • feat: level sort on edges, edge labels on the top level
  • feat: while extending shape is undefined when register an edge, find the extending shaoe automatically



  • fix: judge the existance of the object while operating assistGrid
  • feat: rollback judgement, default unactivate
  • feat: style mapping channel
  • feat: return the intersections while getAnchorPoints is null or returns false
  • feat: bezierHorizontal、bezierVertical
  • improve: 'eventEnd'



  • fix: judge the configuration before updating grid
  • fix: the size of graphContainer in unsetable, setted by inner canvas
  • fix: will not add an edge if the target or source is undefined
  • fix: changeSize() maximum tolerance for error
  • feat: graph.get('el') to get canvas DOM
  • feat: event exposures shape



  • feat: entrance of graph is G6.Graph



  • feat: color calculation library
  • feat: hot key
  • feat: updo, redo
  • feat: copy, paste
  • feat: reset zoom, auto zoom
  • feat: tree graph, linear graph, sankey graph, flow laout
  • feat: flow chart package
  • feat: timing diagram package
  • feat: single selection, frame selection
  • feat: node deformation
  • feat: edge deformation
  • feat: drag node and edge
  • feat: link edge and node
  • feat: drag canvas
  • feat: zoom
  • feat: select mode
  • feat: integrate g-graph