PWA using Vue 2.0, Vue-router and D3 V4 to visualize IPL data
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Awesome IPL PWA

Link to Application

A Dashboard to visualize Indian Premier League data from season 2008-2016.

Libraries Used

  • Framework: Vue.js 2.0
  • Routing: Vue-router
  • Charts: D3.js V4

Bonus Points

  • Create web-app in Vue.js: Complete

    • Vue.js borrows heavily from Angular and React syntax, so was easy to pick up.
    • Chose Vue over React because of smaller library size and performance.
    • Didn't use angular 2/4 because it is too big in size and overly complex.
    • Wanted to use Preact, but chose Vue due to better Vue-router, Preact-Router doesn't easily work with hashHistory.
  • Optimize Loading Time: Complete

    • All Javascript and CSS is minified.
    • Runtime-only build of Vue is used, which is 6Kb lighter and also has performance benefits.
    • Webpack is used to split Vendor and App bundle.
    • Preload is used to load Vendor and App bundle.
    • Home Route has Static Content (Kind of cheating to get a lower First Paint Time).
  • Mobile Responsive: Complete

    • Responsive breakpoints used to make the web-app mobile responsive.
    • Responsive dimensions of D3 charts set dynamically.
    • Redrawing of D3 charts on window resize event(550ms debounced).
  • Progressive Web App: Complete

    • sw-precache to provide a service worker for the web-app to cache app shell.
    • manifest file to display install banners and splash screen.
    • LightHouse Score of 90+/100
  • Offline Usage: Complete

    • Offline caching of static assets using service-worker.
    • Cache-First strategy used to fetch dynamic GET requests using service-worker.