A Hacker News reader PWA built using Vue.js
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Hacker News Reader using Vue.js

Link to Application

A hacker news reader pwa (Progressive Web App) built using Vue.js and Vue-router.


  • Performance Scores

  • Built using Vue.js & Vue-router

    • route-level code splitting
    • preload / prefetch resources
    • dns-prefetch for api endpoint
    • api data preloading
  • Progressive Web App

    • app manifest
    • service worker using SWPrecachePlugin
    • app shell
  • Single-file vue components

    • hot reload in development
    • css extraction for production
  • Hosted using Github Pages

  • Uses node-hnapi


# install dependencies
$ npm install

# serve locally with HMR at localhost:3001
$ npm run dev

# build for production
$ npm run build

# build for production with bundle analyzer report
$ npm run build --report


  • API data caching using service worker (networkFirst strategy)
  • Conditionally load fetch & promise polyfills
  • Implement PRPL
  • Server Side Rendering (Maybe)
  • Add Tests