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Apr 7, 2011


I originally didn't think DISCARD would do anything here because of the clever MULTI interface, but somebody
pointed out to me that DISCARD can be used to flush the WATCH set.
Apr 6, 2011


Added missing HVALS command
Mar 15, 2011


Fix bug with empty Array arguments - Andy Ray
Mar 15, 2011


Add `MONITOR` command and special monitor command reply parsing.
Feb 23, 2011


Fix bug in ready check with `return_buffers` set to `true`.
Thanks to Dean Mao and Austin Chau.
Feb 17, 2011


Add probe for server readiness.
When a Redis server starts up, it might take a while to load the dataset into memory.
During this time, the server will accept connections, but will return errors for all non-INFO
commands.  Now node_redis will send an INFO command whenever it connects to a server.
If the info command indicates that the server is not ready, the client will keep trying until
the server is ready.  Once it is ready, the client will emit a "ready" event as well as the
"connect" event.  The client will queue up all commands sent before the server is ready, just
like it did before.  When the server is ready, all offline/non-ready commands will be replayed.
This should be backward compatible with previous versions.

To disable this ready check behavior, set `options.no_ready_check` when creating the client.

As a side effect of this change, the key/val params from the info command are available as
`client.server_options`.  Further, the version string is decomposed into individual elements
in `client.server_options.versions`.
Feb 11, 2011


Fix excess memory consumption from Queue backing store.
Thanks to Gustaf Sjöberg.
Feb 6, 2011


Fix multi/exec error reply callback logic.
Thanks to Stella Laurenzo.
Jan 20, 2011


Fix bug where unhandled error replies confuse the parser.
Jan 18, 2011


Fix bug where subscribe commands would not handle redis-server startu…
…p error properly.
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