Multiplayer hack n' slash game
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Realm Of The Ancients

Multiplayer hack n' slash.

Recording of sword combat


Key Description
WASD Move around (w: up, a: left, s: down, d: right)
Left click Attack (in direction of cursor)
Right click Dash (in direction of cursor)
Tab Show scoreboard
R Change weapon
Enter Open and focus chat
Esc Unfocus chat
Shift + Esc Hide chat


Players move around and attempt to hit each other with their weapons.


All of the weapons have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some rough strategy guides:


  • The dagger rapidly hits a single tile in one of the 4 cardinal directions. Its dash is a small blink.
  • The dagger hits very rapidly. If you get close to your victim, you can hit them a handful of times before they can respond.
  • The blink allows you to escape from, catch up to, and to circle a target. You can blink out of the way of a sword dash. You can blink towards or behind a spear wielding player. You can blink in circles around a player to avoid getting hit.
  • The dagger hits a very small area. You have to be very close to someone to hit them.
  • The blink doesn't go very far. You have to use it well for positional advantage.


  • The sword hits three connected tiles around the player. Its dash is a charge where it spins in a circle around the player.
  • The sword can hit diagonals. Use this to your advantage against dagger and spear opponents, who can only hit in the cardinal directions.
  • The dash allows you to hit multiple targets or catch up to a far away one. Be careful not to come from an angle where you can get stabbed by a spear.
  • You don't attack very fast, and you don't have the range of the spear. You have to use your diagonals to their full potential to avoid getting hit.


  • The spear hits two tiles in a cardinal direction in a line away from the player. Its dash is a lunge with the weapon extended in front.
  • The spear has more range than any other weapon. Use that to your advantage to run and poke your opponents from afar.
  • The lunge can go through players, or hit someone further away.
  • The spear can't hit diagonals, and has a low attack rate. Try not to miss!
  • The lunge has a long stun time, where you're vulnerable.

General gameplay advice

  • If you go off the screen, you can right click in the center to dash back.
  • Be aware of your opponents' strengths and weaknesses.
  • Try to anticipate and avoid dashes. You can use your dash to avoid someone else's, or dodge and punish them while it's down.


Currently, players can change their own attack and dash statistics. This is to tune the values, as the defaults currently are not yet ideal.


Cooldown — Time before you can attack again (ms)
  • Increase Cooldown ]
  • Decrease Cooldown '
Swing — Time of each frame of a swing (ms)
  • Increase Swing [
  • Decrease Swing ;
Hold — Time of the last frame of a swing (ms)
  • Increase Hold: p
  • Decrease Hold: l
Knockback — Distance your swing knocks someone back (px)
  • Increase Knockback: o
  • Decrease Knockback: k


Duration — Time it takes for a dash (ms)
  • Increase Duration: i
  • Decrease Duration: j
Distance — Distance covered by a dash (px)
  • Increase Distance: u
  • Decrease Distance: h
Cooldown — Time before a dash can be used again again (ms)
  • Increase Cooldown: y
  • Decrease Cooldown: g
Stun — Time incapacitated after a dash (ms)
  • Increase Stun: t
  • Decrease Stun: f


  • anubiann00b: Wrote all the code.
  • onlineth: Wrote the first revision of this README.
  • xrisk: Added periods to onlineth's sentences.