A Node.js IRC Bot with a Neural Network Integration
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NNode Bot

Code Climate

NNode Bot is a Node.js IRC Bot, which integrates with a FANN Neural Network to train itself how to chat like the people in the channels.


To install you will need the requisite packages:

npm install fann
npm install irc
npm install colors

After that you'll want to make sure that you have your config file setup:

mv config.js.example config.js

Then open it and make your edits.


This is just a proof of concept. I wanted to see how one could convert letters to neural network input without a key map. I do so by limiting the input space, using IRC that's a maximum of 510 inputs. It's also limited to ASCII table, with no UTF-8 support.

I do this by converting the character to it's decimal format, and then normalize that by dividing that number by 200. Since all numbers are divided by 200, there is an even displacement along the numberline between 0 and 1.

To normalize input spacing, I check the message length, and pad the end of the message with -1. -1 in this instance is code for null character, and any number < 0 should be considered "null" when reading the output.