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TL;DR - How to get java Vert.x to automatically generate a Open API v3 spec (A.k.a. Swagger) and serve it to Swagger UI, served through Vert.x.


I needed a way to generate a swagger spec from Java code, instead of having to hand craft a swagger JSON file.

I also wanted to serve out the spec from Vert.x into Swagger UI so that it could be used by all.

There is a more detailed write up available on my blog post:

What does it do?

  1. Read Java Annotations and map them into a openAPI spec.
  2. Serve the openAPI spec out on an end point.
  3. Serve a distributable version of SwaggerUI which presents the swagger spec from point 2.

Screenshot of Swagger UI


What does a typical Java annotation look like?

@Operation(summary = "Find products by ID", method = "GET", operationId = "product/:productId",
    tags = {
    parameters = {
      @Parameter(in = ParameterIn.PATH, name = "productId",
        required = true, description = "The unique ID belonging to the product", schema = @Schema(type = "string"))
    responses = {
      @ApiResponse(responseCode = "200", description = "OK",
        content = @Content(
          mediaType = "application/json",
          encoding = @Encoding(contentType = "application/json"),
          schema = @Schema(name = "product", example =
            "{" +
              "'_id':'abc'," +
              "'title':'Red Truck'," +
              "'image_url':''," +
              "'from_date':'2018-08-30'," +
              "'to_date':'2019-08-30'," +
              "'price':'125.00'," +
              "'enabled':true" +
            implementation = Product.class)
      @ApiResponse(responseCode = "404", description = "Not found."),
      @ApiResponse(responseCode = "500", description = "Internal Server Error.")

How to get it running

Dependancies: Maven, JAVA and a JAVA IDE is helpful.

  1. Clone the repository and use Maven to install dependancies.
  2. In Intellij set up a config to run a Java Application with the following settings.
  Main Class: io.vertx.core.Launcher
  VM Options: <up to you, or leave blank>
  Program Arguments: run io.vertx.VertxAutoSwagger.MainVerticle
  1. After tha application has launched, go to http://localhost:8080/doc/index.html

Special Credit

Goes to Christos Karatzas for creating the generator class which has been used and enhanced for this respository:

His original repository is available at:


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