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Anura Engine

Anura is the tech behind the spectacular Frogatto & Friends. It is a fully-featured game engine, free for commercial and non-commercial use.

Note: For historic reasons – unlike most projects – Anura's main development branch is trunk as opposed to master. For example, to clone the repository, you might run git clone --branch trunk

To compile Anura for Argentum Age (formerly Citadel), use the argentum-age branch. There are some issues on trunk which prevent AA from running there at the moment.


Unit Tests / Required / Dynamic / Linux

At the time of writing (2023-07) the CI setup tests the following permutations:

On every push:

  • Unit Tests
    • Ubuntu 22.04 / clang

On Pull Requests and Merge Queue events:

  • Smoketest dynamic builds on Linux (both g++ and clang)
    • Debian
      • 11 / Bullseye
      • 12 / Bookworm
      • 13 / Trixie
    • Ubuntu
      • 22.04 / Jammy Jellyfish
    • Fedora
      • 32
      • 33
      • 34
      • 35
      • 36
      • 37
      • 38
      • 39
    • openSUSE Leap
      • 15.3
      • 15.4
      • 15.5

This set should cover most popular use cases and also derivative distributions of these root distributions. There are no plans to test on rolling release distributions: on those you are on your own and we welcome the heads up if something breaks for you and can take a look, but will not guarantee a rapid fix. Pull requests welcome.

Smoketest static builds on Linux:


All publishing builds will happen from the module side, most notably from Frogatto.