Prebuilt Binaries

Richard Kettering edited this page Jun 4, 2018 · 8 revisions

We have a build script that automatically produces a runnable exe of the engine every time someone commits a change. If you have a copy of the trunk branch of the Anura repository, you should be able to run the game by unzipping this in the anura folder (and naturally updating the git repo as well, to receive any new data files the change may depend on).

Major note: At the current point in time, regardless of whether you're building your own anura module, or trying to use one of our own games built on top of anura, you want to use the trunk branch of anura. There are plans to eventually have stable versions of anura that flagship games can safely target, but at the time being, the current "stable" branch of anura is feature-incomplete (it was tagged at a transitional point for various overhauls of underlying engine components), and isn't being targeted by any of our flagship games. Don't use it - use trunk/unstable.

The status of our automated build system (aka our "BuildBot") status can be found here:


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