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Edit your cloudflare entries in a text file. Sync a file to cloudflare records.

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This script fetches your records from domain records from cloudflare into a csv file, and then any changes you make to that file can be synced back to cloudflare.


python3 [-h] [-fetch] [-sync]

Before running make sure to rename config.default.json to config.json


will fetch current records from cloudflare and write it to a local csv file (overwriting existing file). Filename is picked from config.json


will sync will compare the local file with cloudflare records and sync any additions, updates or deletion done in the local file.


Rename config.default.json to config.json

Sample :

{"file": "records.csv",
"backup_file": "cf_bkp.csv",
"url": "",
"email": "your_cloudlfare_email_here",
"tkn": "your_cloudflare_api_key_here",
"domains": ["", ""]}

file : the csv file used to fetch and sync

backup_file: the csv file in which backup of cloudflare records will be stored before sync

url: cloudflare api url, you need not change this until cloudflare changes its api url.

email: email registered with cloudflare

tkn: your cloudflare api key , you can get it from

domains: the domains to fetch and sync, add all domains you want to fetch and / or sync here

CSV File

Each row in the CSV file indicates a DNS record, the columns are as follows:

The target domain

Type of DNS record. Values include: [A/CNAME/MX/TXT/SPF/AAAA/NS/SRV/LOC]

Name of the DNS record.

The content of the DNS record, will depend on the the type of record being added

TTL of record in seconds. 1 = Automatic, otherwise, value must in between 120 and 86400 seconds.

prio[applies to MX/SRV]
MX record priority.

service[applies to SRV]
Service for SRV record

srvname[applies to SRV]
Service Name for SRV record

protocol[applies to SRV]
Protocol for SRV record. Values include: [_tcp/_udp/_tls].

weight[applies to SRV]
Weight for SRV record.

port[applies to SRV]
Port for SRV record

target[applies to SRV]
Target for SRV record

Cloudflare record id, it is used to update the correct record. if you are adding a new record, leave it blank

Editing the CSV File

always run a fetch before editing your csv file

Deleting a row from the csv will delete the record

Changing any values in a existing record in the csv will update the corresponding record on cloudflare (based on rec_id column)

To add a record simply add the details needed for that type and the script will add it to cloudflare, run fetch again to get the rec_id for this record too


Edit your cloudflare entries in a text file. Sync a file to cloudflare records.






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