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UnJumble is an Android app that, well, unjumbles jumbled words
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UnJumble is a small, simple, neat and fast Android app that unscrambles jumbled English words. Unlike other similar apps in the Play store, there is no character limit on the input jumbled words. It's a perfect companion for someone who loves solving jumbled-words games.

UnJumble boasts of a collection of 58,000+ English words to search from stored effectively in a SQLite database. By default, it also fetches meanings of unjumbled word suggestions from Wordnik, if it detects an Internet connection, but users can easily turn off this "fetch meanings" feature in Settings.


I wrote UnJumble with the primary purpose of delving into Android development, but during the development I realized it would make sense if UnJumble could serve as an example to others who also want to learn Android dev. So I tried to use as much major Android API elements as I could that would be sufficient for developing most types of apps.

Once the development was complete, I wrote a full-fledged article around UnJumble to demonstrate the process of building an Android app. Rather than being a step-by-step guide for beginners, The Making-of an Android App focuses on the analysis of various components of an app, which makes this article more widely applicable. Developers for different types of apps can borrow only those components that they need in their app, leaving the unnecessary ones.


UnJumble is free. Try it live on your device, v3.0 (HoneyComb) & above, by installing it from Google Play store.

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Anurag Bhandari - email - twitter

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