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# Author - Anupama Rajaram
# Program Description - Create bubble charts showing crime rates per district.
# To clean up the memory of your current R session run the following line
# Load libraries
library(data.table) # to use fread()
# Load some default preferences for number formatting
crimesfo <- fread("sfo_crime.csv")
# 10 rows and 41 columns.
radius <- sqrt( crimesfo$popl/ pi )
# add color and format axes.
# we use fg to change border color, bg to change fill color
symbols(crimesfo$LARCENY.THEFT, crimesfo$ASSAULT, circles=radius, inches=0.35,
fg="white", bg="red", xlab="Larceny CrimeRates",
ylab="Assault Crimerates")
text(crimesfo$LARCENY.THEFT, crimesfo$ASSAULT, crimesfo$area, cex=0.5)
# Similar bubble plot using ggplot library functions.
p1 = ggplot(crimesfo, aes(x = area, y = (LARCENY.THEFT/popl)*100),
label = area) +
geom_point(color = "blue", aes(size = LARCENY.THEFT))
p1 + ggtitle("Plot") +
xlab("District") + ylab("Theft as % of District Population")