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PowerShell Module distribution via NuGet.
C# PowerShell
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.nuget Start on Packaging Commands
Build Updated version number to 0.6
Documents/PS-Get Logo Removed Gallery project, added PS-Get logo
Facts Fixed NuGet Package Restore issues
References Major reworking to use NuGet.Core.dll via a .NET 4.0 shim process ove…
Source Fixed NuGet Package Restore issues
Build.cmd Completed GetPackageSourceCommand
FullBuild.msbuild Completed GetPackageSourceCommand
PsGet.sln Fixed solution file
psget.ico Added PsGet Icon Closed project


This Project has been shut down. Please feel free to use the code (see License below) and fork the project but I will not be continuing work on it.


This code is Copyright Andrew Nurse 2012, but is made available under the Apache License, version 2.0. The full text of the license is available at

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